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Walton refrigerators get 5-Star rating on energy efficiency

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Published: 12:33, 13 May 2017   Update: 15:18, 26 July 2020
Walton refrigerators get 5-Star rating on energy efficiency

Milton Ahmed: Some frost and non-frost refrigerators of the country's leading electronics brand ‘Walton’ received ‘Five Star Energy Rating’ from Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute (BSTI) in last month (April 2017).

The huge power saving Walton refrigerators secured the BSTI’s highest energy rating certificate for maintaining the ‘Bangladesh Standards 1850:2012.’

It was learnt that only Walton fridges entitled the ‘Five Star Energy Rating’ certificate of BSTI. Following both the national and the international standards, Walton is manufacturing world-class energy efficient frost and non-frost refrigerators with the state-of-the art technologies and machineries at Walton Hi-Tech Industries at Chandra in Gazipur, according to Walton authorities.

Dwelling on the ‘Five Star Energy Rating,’ BSTI’s Deputy Director Nurul Islam said, generally the star rating stands for certifying the energy efficiency of electronics and electrical appliances. Since 2012, BSTI has been awarding several star rating, ranging from 1 to 5, to the household refrigerators under its 'BDS 1850:2012' standards, he said adding, the more star means more energy efficiency of the respective appliances. Till now, the refrigerators of Walton brand only entitled the BSTI’s highest energy rating certificate, he noted.

Islam also opined that star rating is essential specially for electronics appliances as it helps the customers to pick up the real energy saving product.

Ashraful Ambia, head of Walton Sourcing Engineering department, said, Walton is the first company in Bangladesh to manufacture intensive energy saving fridges following the 'BDS 1850:2012' standards after conducting tests in NUSDAT Universal Testing Lab certified by the Bangladesh Accredited Board for which it has achieved the highest energy rating from BSTI. 

He said the recognition proves that Walton manufactures high standard energy saving frost and non-frost refrigerators adding that the 5-star rating is essential to export the product.

Uday Hakim, Senior Operative Director to Walton, said, consumers should be careful about the energy rating of fridges as they maintain good health by keeping foods fresh along with saving electricity bills. Informing that Walton conducts continuous research on technologies that retain the quality of foodstuff and save electricity bills, he suggests customers to consider star energy rating while buying fridges.  

He said that achieving 5-Star Energy Rating is recognition of the high standard, intensive electricity saving capacity and extreme safety of Walton fridges.

Walton has recently released world's latest technology based intelligent inverter fridges, which are capable of saving up to 50 percent electricity. Besides, HCFC and CFC free environment friendly R600a refrigerant gas is being used on more than 30 models of frost and non-frost Walton fridges. Among them are intelligent inverter technology based 430, 467, 512, 520, 526, 555, 575 and 585-litre 15 models of non-frost fridge along with 50, 115, 165, 218, 312, 337, 348 and 358-litre 10 models of frost and 8 models of non-frost fridges. 

Explaining how Inverter Technology saves up to 50 percent electricity, Tapash Kumar Mojumder, head of Walton R&D department, said, the speed of the compressors is controlled through computerized digital technology according to the temperature of the room or the quantity of the foodstuff inside the fridge. The compressor does not run if there is no necessity, which helps consuming less electricity. However, the quality and taste of the foodstuff inside the fridge are retained as Inverter Technology does not affect the cooling performance. The efficiency of Inverter compressors is double than induction compressors as they run only when necessary.

He said Walton is the only brand in Bangladesh to set up fridge production line at its own factory using R600a gas with the assistance and supervision of UNDP, USAID and Bangladesh Department of Environment. The Walton brand fridges are being manufactured following the international standards for which it has received 5-Star Energy Rating from BSTI.

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