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Bangladesh receives remittance of $116 crore in 17 days

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Published: 20:48, 19 March 2023  
Bangladesh receives remittance of $116 crore in 17 days

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Bangladesh has received 116 crore 41 lakh and 80 thousand US dollars as inward remittance during the first 17 days of March, which was 11 crore 24 lakh US dollar more than of that of same period of January.

During the first 17 days of February, the remittance inward was 105 crore 17 lakh 50 thousand US dollar.

The latest central bank data revealed the information on Sunday (March 19).

According to reviews, during the first 17 days of March, the country received remittance of 14 crore 91 lakh 10 thousand US dollar through state-owned banks, 2 crore 52 lakh 20 thousand US dollar through a specialized bank, 98 crore 61 lakh 10 thousand through private banks, and 37 lakh 40 thousand through foreign banks.

The central bank has taken various initiatives to increase remittances. The central bank is encouraging various ways to send remittances through legitimate channels. On November 16 last year, Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) asked expatriates to send remittances to the country through legitimate channels or banking channels, keeping loved ones risk-free and safe. The central bank urged not to send remittances through hundi or any other illegal channels.

According to Bangladesh Bank, remittance of hard-earned foreign exchange by expatriate Bangladeshis outside the banking channel (through hundi or any other illegal means) is a punishable offence. The country is affected by it. BFIU is taking appropriate action against all those involved in sending remittances through illegal channels subject to evidence as per existing laws.