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Walton boosts TV exports to Denmark, Ireland

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Published: 16:54, 4 November 2023   Update: 10:21, 5 November 2023
Walton boosts TV exports to Denmark, Ireland

‘Made in Bangladesh’ tagged Walton’s produced TVs are being loaded into container for shipment to Denmark and Ireland.

Bangladeshi global electronics brand Walton has boosted up its exports of television to Denmark, Ireland and other European countries as the demand of Walton television goes high in those countries in the recent times.

Walton Global Business Unit’s Vice-President Syed Al Imran said that Walton has been exporting TV to the markets of Denmark and Ireland since in 2020 as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Walton made TV grabbed the customers’ attractions within short time. Walton TV’s timely sales initiatives are behind this success.

He also said, Walton extends its TV exports to Denmark and Ireland every year as the customers of these EU nations are impressed with Walton’s standard picture quality and European standard design and feature television. Walton has exported TVs worth nearly $2.5 million to this market.

Walton TV's Chief Business Officer Mostafa Nahid Hossain said, Europe is now one of the biggest export markets of Walton television. Walton has been successfully expanded its TV export market to around 14 countries in Europe, including Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Italy and Romania. Almost 95 percent of the total TV export earnings of Walton come from those countries.

Mostafa Nahid claimed that Walton is the top TV exporter in Bangladesh. Now Walton’s target is to brighten country’s image in the international arena by exporting ‘Made in Bangladesh’ labelled television. Walton is working relentlessly to reach the goal of turning itself into one of the top five global TV manufacturing brands soon. 
Walton brand TV is being exported in more than 35 countries through over 100 worldwide business partners. Walton TV’s total exports are measured as 34% to Denmark, 18% to Germany, 22% to Greece, 15% to Croatia and Ireland, 6% to Poland and 5% to Africa and other countries.

Akram Hossain/AI