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Price hike

Take strict action against evil gang

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Published: 08:28, 10 May 2019   Update: 15:18, 26 July 2020
Take strict action against evil gang

The holy month of Ramadan is underway. Peace loving Muslims are seen offering more prayers and in this month

But, some people of ill mentality have showed their evil tendency just after beginning of this month of restraint. These kind of people rise the price of daily necessary items through fraudulence or dishonest activities. As a result, the general people suffer most. Particularly, the people of low earning and middle class section. Although, there is huge supply of necessary goods in the markets but the price hike is going on. No one is following the fixed chart of goods made by city corporations. The meat sellers don’t care about anything. In the developed countries, the price of goods decrease during the holy month of Ramadan. But, the situation here in our country is totally different.

City Corporations has fixed the price of beef at Tk 525 during Ramadan. But, the sellers don’t care about the fixed price. The prices of local beef were seen in between Tk 580 to Tk 600 per kilogram in Dhaka and adjacent areas, according to media reports. Although, the rate was Tk 550 before the Ramadan. The meat sellers have rised the price before this month technically. The rate again mounted during this month. Not only the rate of beef has increased but also the price of broiler chicken and local chickens has also increased.

Price of locally-bred hens is Tk550 while the broiler hens is selling at Tk155 to Tk160. Besides, the price of all kinds of fishes has increased. The rates of cucumber, green chili and vegetables have risen. Bitter gourd is selling at Tk80 per kg while Brinjal is at Tk60 to Tk80. Rate of all types of pulses including (Mosur Dall, Angkor Dall, Kheshari Dall) also increased.

Some businessmen are responsible for increasing the rate of necessary goods. Side by side there is an allegation that the rate is increased due to a syndicate. Lot of discussions have been taken place since so many years but, no fruitful result is seen yet. Even, when the rate falls in international market but, the market in Bangladesh is seen totally opposite. Sugar was selling at Tk50 to 55 just one month ago before Ramadan. But the rate now is Tk60 per kg. However, the rate of sugar has fallen in global market. Per tonne sugar was selling at 290 USD which is now 280 USD.

It was ordered to put the price list but, the direction is avoided as usual. Before the Ramadan, the government has assured that the rate of goods will be stable. But, result is opposite. 

There is also allegation that extortion is the reason behind price hike. Traders complained extortionists started their heinous activity during Ramadan. So, the law enforcers should act accordingly against this bad practice. There is also complaint against some ill minded members of traffic police department. That should be stopped. Stern action should be ensured by the government organization to stop extortion in markets, so that traders cannot put any excuses behind price hike. 

The demand of some goods increase during Ramadan. Some businessmen take that scope to hike the price. The government should take strict action against the evil group. Regular vigilance should be ensured so that dishonest businessmen cannot increase the rate of daily goods creating fake crisis. We expect that everyone will remain sincere about the spirit of holy Ramadan.

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