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Dhaka     Thursday   30 March 2023

Third wife threats to kill actor Naresh

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Published: 12:17, 30 January 2023  
Third wife threats to kill actor Naresh

As reported earlier, Telugu actor Naresh has officially announced his fourth marriage with Kannada-Telugu character actress Pavithra Lokesh (for her, it is a 3rd marriage).

Later his estranged third wife Ramya Raghupathi made some allegations about Naresh’s womanizing demeanour and his false accusations against her.

Naresh is yet to divorce Ramya Raghupathi and has a kid with her, Ramya has been trying all she can to stop him from getting married for the fourth time.

Naresh held a press meeting once again and made some serious allegations against Ramya Raghupathi and stated that Ramya is having some illicit affairs with younger guys in Bangalore which he had witnessed, therefore he can’t live with her anymore.

Moreover, Ramya has a strong political background due to which she has been threatening to end his life if he confronts anything. It is also reported that Ramya has set a deal of Rs. 10 crores with supari killers to kill Naresh.

Towards the 2022 year ending a few professional killers have also receded his place, therefore Naresh is now appealing to the count about his life threat from her third wife and asking to provide security to him besides lodging a cyber complaint on her for tapping his phone.

Naresh also revealed that as per the supreme court rules, any couple who has distanced themselves from each other for 2 or more years is almost divorced and is eligible to file a divorce. Therefore, he doesn't have to wait for her consent to divorce her officially therefore she can't stop him from marrying again.