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Some teachings we should give growing children

Didarul Alam Khan || risingbd.com

Published: 18:15, 17 May 2023  
Some teachings we should give growing children

Many things like mathematics, science, history, literature, sports, debates, etc are taught to children in schools. But those are not enough.  Experts suggest that children should be taught some rules of living. Otherwise, they cannot succeed in life and my face problems in future life.  A child’s first teachers are the parents, so they should be careful about the matter.

Talking: First we have to teach children how to talk. This practice can be performed both at home and school. Not talking too much, talking as much as possible politely, listening carefully to others and giving importance to other opinions are important. It is also important to learn how to talk to elders, how to meet with friends, how to behave with children and how to address known and unknown persons.  We should teach kids so that they cannot tease and talk about body shapes of others.

Making fun: We should teach kids so that they can be able to make fun. They should be taught about many types of bullying as those can hurt others.  

Sharing: Sharing is one of the good behaviors of human being, and it means to share one’s thing with others.  Sharing improves relationships with others and enhances mental peace. We should teach our kids sharing from the early age. If a child can gain this quality, he or she can go far in life. Teach your kids so that they share toys with siblings or cousins, share food with others. People of different religions, cultures and beliefs can be seen in and around the schools. Make sure that children do not learn to discriminate.  Every child should be taught love, empathy and kindness so that in the growing years he or she exhibits and looks out for these qualities in others.

Cleanliness: We have to talk about the importance of cleanliness. Teach kids how to clean after sports and taking meals.  Encourage your kids to stay healthy and help them learn the importance of hygiene. This should include cleanliness in their bodies, clothes, rooms, keeping things organised and keeping a regular routine of fitness including eating healthy food. Teach the child about environment. Teach how can keep clean around us. They should be taught that we should not keep waste and spit everywhere. 

Confidence and self-esteem: Teach the children so that they talk looking into the eyes and holding head up. This quality can help build confidence and self-esteem.

Acting according to the situation: It is very important to understand the situation and act and speak accordingly. Make children proficient from childhood. But some initiatives are needed to teach children those things. The first step is that parents must practise such good habits. Children follow their parents as their role models. If you want your children to develop good habits, practise in front of them what you want to teach them.

You must praise your children when they do good habits, and encourage them to do more. Children’s less attention and impatience may make you frustrated, but you must be patient. Do not lose patience and do not get angry with kids. If you remain calm and firm, your children will respond in the same way.