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How many cups of tea you should drink in a day

Didarul Alam Khan || risingbd.com

Published: 16:42, 18 May 2023   Update: 13:01, 19 May 2023
How many cups of tea you should drink in a day

Tea is one ancient drink, and now it is enjoyed around the world in every culture. Drinking tea is a healthy habit that claims to have many health benefits as it contains caffeine, fluoride and flavonoids.

Tea can help you recover from a cold and even give your immune system the support to prevent certain types of disease. It has effects on brain health, heart health, weight loss, artery health, cancer prevention, bone preservation, and other health focuses.

According to nutritionists, tea contains fluoride that helps keep body fresh and bones and teeth strong.  It is also good for muscle heath. 

Having tea regularly can help circulate blood smoothly, prevent blood clotting and cut down one’s risk of heart disease.

Drinking green tea can help those who try to lose weight with tea’s antioxidant properties. Lemon tea also helps to lose weight. But it is recommended that who face acidity problem should avoid milk tea. 

To reap the benefits of tea, there is a question how much tea you should drink a day. According to a report of Reader's Digest, if one is already living a healthy lifestyle but looking for a boost from tea, it recommends enjoying 3 to 4 cups throughout the day.

Drinking tea in excess can create several problems so people should avoid excessive tea. People should limit within four cups in a day if they want to get benefits from green tea.

If you want a healthy lifestyle or a boost from tea, you should avoid sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Those may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and mortality in adults.

We should try to make tea at home and avoid process tea as it has many health hazards. Green tea is better if we want to avoid process tea. Drinking black tea can lower your risk of type 2 diabetes by helping to control your blood sugar after meals. Black tea is also helpful for squamous carcinoma of the skin.

If you drink many cups of tea a day, you might be overdoing it. Many types of tea contain caffeine which, when overused, can cause anxiety, unwanted stress, poor sleep, increased stomach issues, headaches, heartburn, and create caffeine dependency.