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Wali Ahmed: An inspiration for young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

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Published: 15:24, 11 July 2023   Update: 15:26, 11 July 2023
Wali Ahmed: An inspiration for young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

The reason most people fail in business today is because of a lack of planning. They are doing business day after day without any plan.

As a result, it cannot be successful. So, you have to plan at the beginning of doing business.

That is, what business to do? How to do business? Who will be the buyer? What strategy to use? etc. You have to plan for different things.

Nowadays, a large part of the youth is becoming entrepreneurs instead of doing jobs. Many people are seeing success in this.

A young entrepreneur Md. Fazle Rabbi but he is better known as Wali Ahmed Rabby. He has written a book to guide young entrepreneurs in the right direction. His book titled ‘Entrepreneur’s Journey: From Idea to Success’ has become a huge hit among the youth.

Currently, Wali Ahmed Rabby is doing business by importing various products from China.

Wali Ahmed Rabby said, “I am an entrepreneur myself. Being an entrepreneur is not that easy. You have to suffer a lot. How to overcome this difficult path. Everything that needs to be done is outlined in my book. Anyone who really wants to be an entrepreneur should read my book.”

About his book, he says, “The Entrepreneur’s Journey: From Idea to Success” will give you valuable insights and lessons which is taken from successful entrepreneurs. Navigate the highs and lows of the build. This book will take you through the stages of the entrepreneurial journey. I will also teach you how to go from idea to product development, marketing, and sales. You will learn about resilience, persistence, and adaptability as well as a strong construction technique. It will also teach the process of securing capital. Whether you are a new or experienced entrepreneur, “The Entrepreneur’s Journey” will provide you with the inspiration, guidance, and tools you need to succeed.”