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House passes aid package for Ukraine-Israel

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Published: 08:42, 21 April 2024  
House passes aid package for Ukraine-Israel

The US House of Representatives has passed a $95 billion bill to provide military and humanitarian aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan.

The US lawmakers approved these bills after the vote on Saturday (April 20), (local time).

Leaders of the opposition Republican Party reacted angrily following bill pass amid the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

The bills provide about $61bn to address the conflict in Ukraine, including $23bn to replenish US weapons, stocks and facilities; $26bn for Israel, including $9bn for humanitarian needs; and $8bn for the Asia Pacific, including Taiwan. Under this, the Joe Biden administration will provide military assistance to Israel, build air defense systems, and support humanitarian activities.

The vote on the passage of the Ukraine funding was 311-112. Only 101 Republicans supported the legislation, with 112 voting against it. It will now go to the Senate, which is expected to pass it in the next few days before President Biden signs it into law.

Source: BBC, Reuters.

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