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Last mosque dome in China demolished

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Published: 18:34, 25 May 2024  
Last mosque dome in China demolished

The Grand Mosque of Shadian, once known for its beautiful Arabic features, has had its domes removed and minarets transformed into pagoda towers.

Experts say this completes the Chinese government’s push to ‘sinicize’ Muslim places of worship.

This mosque, one of China’s grandest, is located in the small town of Shadian in Yunnan province. Until recently, it had a large green dome with a crescent moon on top, surrounded by four smaller domes and tall minarets. 

Satellite images from 2022 show the mosque’s entrance decorated with a big crescent moon and star made from black tiles.

Photos and witness accounts from this year reveal that these features are now gone. The dome has been replaced by a Han Chinese-style pagoda roof, and the minarets have been shortened and turned into pagoda towers.

Source: Agencies