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God sent me for a purpose:  Modi 

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Published: 19:28, 25 May 2024  
God sent me for a purpose:  Modi 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, hoping to win a third term, has said that he believes God has chosen him for a purpose, and he will continue working till that task is done. 

In an exclusive interview with NDTV on Saturday, PM Modi said it is his duty to serve those who have faith in him.

“You will find people who use the foulest abuses (for me), and you will also find those who express good things. My duty is to ensure that those who express faith should not be hurt or disappointed,” he said.

“Some may call me crazy, but I am convinced that 'Parmatma' (God) sent me for a purpose. Once the purpose is achieved, my work will be one. This is why I have completely dedicated myself to God,” the Prime Minister added.

PM Modi said that God guides him to do a lot of work, but does not reveal the larger scheme.

“He (God) does not reveal his cards, just keeps making me do things. And I cannot dial him directly to ask what's next,” he said.

Led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP is seeking to win the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, the results of which will be declared on June 4.

During the interview, PM Modi also spoke about how he does not regard Opposition leaders as enemies despite their constant verbal attacks. He said that to take India forward, he aims to work with the Opposition leaders.