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Dhaka     Thursday   23 September 2021

Chinese TikToker dies after falling from 160-feet crane

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Published: 14:51, 27 July 2021  
Chinese TikToker dies after falling from 160-feet crane

Social media influencers do everything they can to make their content stand out from others on the platform.

However, this bid to be unique can sometimes take unexpected turns and major accidents can happen.

Now, a 23-year-old social media influencer from China has reportedly died after falling from a 160-foot crane.

The influencer named Xiao Qiumei was recording a video for social media when this accident happened. The visuals of the accident’s video show her speaking to the camera in what appeared to be a crane cabin when she fell.

Qiumei can be seen dancing for the camera before the visuals suddenly switch to the image of equipment flying past the lens.

She was a well-known face on the Chinese version of TikTok -Duoyin — where she posted videos of daily and professional life for her followers. Confirming the death of Qiumei, her family said that she fell because of a misstep. However, they denied that she was recording a video at the time of the incident. They said that Qiumei worked as a crane operator but she was a thorough professional and kept her phone inside her bag during work hours. The 23-year-old was a mother to two young children.