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1200 students in Iran get sick due to food poisoning

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Published: 10:03, 8 December 2022  
1200 students in Iran get sick due to food poisoning

About 1,200 university students in Iran were admitted to hospital due to food poisoning a day before their anti-regime protest, leading many to suspect the role of the government.

In the past few days, students of Kharazmi and Ark universities experienced symptoms like vomiting, severe body aches and hallucinations, the Telegram channel of the national student union claimed on Thursday.

Officials have claimed that water-borne bacteria was the cause of the symptoms, but the student union believes that they were deliberately poisoned.

It came days after similar food poisoning breakouts were reported at two other universities, Al-Zahra University in Tehran and Isfahan University of Technology. Both believed to have originated from canteens.

“Our past experiences of similar incidents at the Isfahan university negates the authorities’ reason for this mass food poisoning,” the group wrote on Telegram.

According to reports, some university clinics closed down or ran out of supplies to treat dehydration, leading to speculation that the outbreak was planned to curb the three-day strike in response to the Iranian regime’s claims to have shut down the controversial morality police, Arab News reported.

Following the incident, students of Isfahan University protested, demanding the resignation of the university officials.

“We don’t want rotten food, we don’t want murderous authorities!”, they chanted, Iran International TV reported.

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