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Dhaka     Thursday   28 September 2023

Gun and knife attack kills 4 in Japan

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Published: 12:14, 26 May 2023   Update: 12:23, 26 May 2023
Gun and knife attack kills 4 in Japan

At least four people including two police officers were killed in a rare shooting and stabbing attack in Japan on Thursday.

On Friday, police arrested Masanori Aoki, 31, a farmer and local politician, under a court warrant on suspicion of murder in Nakano, a city in Nagano prefecture.

TV Asahi showed the man with his hands on his head walk out of the house and be ushered toward a police vehicle.

Shootings of multiple police officers are even rarer, with the last incident taking place more than 30 years ago.

Gun violence remains extremely rare in Japan, despite the killing of ex-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in July last year.