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COP-28 starts Nov 30

Carbon emission reduction issue tops agenda

Hasan Mahamud || risingbd.com

Published: 21:37, 29 November 2023   Update: 23:05, 29 November 2023
Carbon emission reduction issue tops agenda

Oil is one of the fossil fuels which is responsible for carbon emissions. The United Arab Emirates, one of the largest producers of oil, is organizing the UN climate conference known as the Conference of the Parties or COP28 with the priority of reducing carbon emissions.

World leaders, government representatives and delegates are gathering for the annual United Nations climate change summit in Dubai.

Reining in fossil fuels and carbon emissions are expected to be topping the agenda of the 13-day summit (November 30 to December 12). International funding to help countries adapt to climate change will also be hotly debated as developing countries have been demanding more contributions from the industrialised nations.

Last year, the 27th COP conference was held in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt.

Additionally, this year’s presidency has set four themes to be at the forefront of the summit.

Fast-tracking the energy transition: revolves around renewable energy, and food and agricultural systems. An alliance of 60 countries including the United States and European Union has been formed.

Fixing climate finance: aims to prioritise the Global South in adaptation finance and help vulnerable communities rebuild after climate disasters, among other targets.

Nature, people, lives, and livelihoods: geared towards food systems, nature-based solutions, and protecting against extreme weather events and biodiversity loss.

Inclusivity in climate management: includes youth involvement and improved communication between different sectors and agencies.

In addition, experts believe that the European Union can advance efforts to reduce fossil fuel emissions to 'zero' by spearheading an effective agreement at the upcoming COP-28 conference.

Sultan Al-Jaber, the chief executive of ADNOC, the national oil company of the United Arab Emirates, has been made chairman for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting as well as this year's climate conference.  In the meantime, he expressed his opinion at a conference. Al-Jaber said it is possible to come out from using fossil fuels. However, he also believes that the oil industry should also be involved in the fight against climate change. Therefore, Al-Jaber asked companies to help reduce carbon emissions during oil and gas extraction.

It is believed that a huge number of businessmen are going to participate in this conference compared to any previous conference. About 70,000 people including Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the heads of many countries will participate.

The conference will be attended by government officials, business and financial leaders, young lawyers and representatives of indigenous communities. In addition to, various lobbyists, representatives of fossil fuel companies will also participate in the conference. The world's two largest greenhouse gas emitters-USA and China- will be represented at this conference.