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India claims Tangail saree originated in West Bengal: Huge protests in Bangladesh

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Published: 19:27, 3 February 2024   Update: 20:09, 3 February 2024
India claims Tangail saree originated in West Bengal: Huge protests in Bangladesh

The Ministry of Culture of India has claimed that the ‘Tangail saree’ originated in West Bengal.

The ministry wrote in a post on Facebook on Thursday (1 February), “ The Tangail saree, originating from West Bengal, is a traditional handwoven masterpiece. Renowned for its fine texture, vibrant colours, and intricate Jamdani motifs, it epitomises the region's rich cultural heritage”. 

“Each Tangail saree is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, seamlessly weaving together tradition and elegance,” it added.

It has sparked outrage from traders and people of Tangail as the traditional tant saree is widely considered to have originated from Bangladesh's Tangail district.

People of Tangail have already begun   various kind of programs, protesting the Indian steps. 

They demanded steps to get GI recognition, cancelling India’s demand.  

The Indian ministry’s facebook post comes weeks after West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, in an X post, wrote, “Three handloom saree items of West Bengal, namely Tangail of Nadia and Purba Bardhaman, and Korial & Garad of Murshidabad and Birbhum, have been registered and recognized as GI products”.

“I congratulate the artisans for their skills and achievements. We are proud of them. Our congratulations to them!!” she added.
Speakers at the programs said, “Many Tangail saree is a Bangladeshi product. Claiming it originated in West Bengal is false.

The Tangail saree has a rich tradition and history, representing one of the oldest cottage industries in Bangladesh. Its weaving heritage can be traced back to the British period, with significant expansion occurring in the late nineteenth century.