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Never break the discipline: PM tells BGB

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Published: 13:06, 4 March 2024   Update: 13:28, 4 March 2024
Never break the discipline: PM tells BGB

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed the members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) to follow the chain of command, not breaking the discipline.

Addressing the BGB personnel during their annual day parade, she put emphasis on the paramount importance of adhering to the chain of command for maintaining discipline within the ranks.

“Keep in mind that the chain of command is the most important driving power for a disciplined force. Never break the discipline; continue following the chain of command,” the Premier urged the BGB members.

The Prime Minister made the instruction while addressing the parade of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Day-2024 at its headquarters in Dhaka on Monday (March 4).

Sheikh Hasina said, “The government is working to develop BGB as a modern and world-class border force. BGB will be a smart force in Smart Bangladesh by 2041. We have undertaken many steps for their improved training.”

“BGB will march forward as border sentinels and become a symbol of trust for the people of Bangladesh,” she hopes.

The prime minister appreciated the role of protecting the country’s borders and combating different border crimes, and standing beside the people during any crisis in the country.

“Alongside protecting the border, the BGB resisted different border crimes including smuggling, drug and women, children trafficking in a responsible manner,” she said.

Sheikh Reza Parvez/AI