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Dhaka     Wednesday   29 May 2024

Empty plane came from Israel to take goods from Bangladesh

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Published: 17:42, 13 April 2024  
Empty plane came from Israel to take goods from Bangladesh

A flight from Israel’s Tel Aviv landed at Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport on Eid day (April 11) at around 7:55 pm. Why the direct flight from Israel came to Dhaka, this question is revolving around everyone’s mind. There was confusion on social media over the landing of the flight.

According to airport sources, the flight that came from Israel’s Tel Aviv was operated by National Airlines. The Boeing 747-400 model aircraft arrives in Dhaka in about 6 hours from Tel Aviv.

Prior to this, National Airlines flights also came to Bangladesh. The aircraft of the airlines come to Bangladesh to pick up cargo products at various times. Basically, empty planes dropped off goods in Israel to pick up goods from Bangladesh, which would be taken to the Middle East and Europe.

Hazrat Shahjalal Airport Executive Director Kamrul Islam said that the National Airlines flight was basically a ferry flight. The aircraft of this US airline is registered in that country. Although the flight came from Israel, no goods or passengers arrived in Dhaka. The cargo flight came to pick up the garments from Bangladesh.

He said the flight came directly from Tel Aviv. The cargo plane is registered in the United States. Bangladesh has an air service agreement with the US, including the Open Skies option.

He also said that the cargo flights did not drop anything at Dhaka airport, but only carried garments from the RMG industry to Sharjah and other European destinations. Officials from two top intelligence agencies inspected the two planes. Any airline in the country can fly to Bangladesh, similarly Bangladeshi airlines can fly to the United States. There is no obstacle to come to Bangladesh as National Airlines is of USA.

Meanwhile, the people concerned said, it is clear that the flight landing in Dhaka and carrying the cargo is part of the routine work. If it had not come directly from Israel to Dhaka, then maybe no one would have spread confusion about it.

It is appropriate to mention that Bangladesh does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. Bangladeshi passport holders are also banned from traveling to Israel. Not long ago, a few years ago, Bangladeshi passports were written, ‘This passport is valid for all countries of the world except Israel’. Bangladesh is one of the 28 countries that have not recognized Israel in the United Nations.