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Dhaka     Saturday   15 June 2024

Arson attackers will not be spared: PM

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Published: 22:30, 23 May 2024  
Arson attackers will not be spared: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called upon the pro-libration forces to be united and stronger more, warning firmly that the government will continue to take stern actions against those who harm people and no one will be spared.

The Premier was delivering her introductory speech at the meeting of 14-party alliance held at her official residence Ganabhaban on Thursday.

Those who will carry out arson attacks and burn people they must not be spared. Whichever the big brother they maintain and whatever they do, we will not spare them, it's clear. Our actions will continue against those who will cause damage to people,” she said.

Taking about the opportunity of digital Bangladesh, she said the grenade attackers, ten trucks arms smugglers and corrupts, staying in abroad, are plotting conspiracy and threatening to oust the government everyday.

“As long as the people of the country are by our side, she doesn't care those threats,” she added.

Sheikh Hasina, also the President of ruling Awami League, said the country must not toes behind stooping its advance march, adding, “I am sure that no one will be able to do that as people are our power”.

She urged all pro-liberation forces to be more well organised to go to the people to imbued them with the spirit of liberation war. “Without the pro-liberation forces in power, there will be no welfare of the people of this country,” she added.

Mentioning that Bangladesh should be built in line with the spirit of independence, she said, “We have to hold on to our achievements and move forward”.

Sheikh Hasina said that many people don't like progress of the country and in this regard she mentioned about discomfort of a big country without naming it.

She continued that “Regarding food production and self-sufficiency, a big country told me that what is the need to produce so much food, we have enough and we can give it”.

“By producing food ourselves, we will provide security to the countrymen,” she said.