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Dhaka     Saturday   22 June 2024

China stresses people-to-people ties with Bangladesh

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Published: 17:53, 25 May 2024  
China stresses people-to-people ties with Bangladesh

China puts emphasis on people -to-people relations with Bangladesh to reach the Dhaka-Beijing relations to a new height.

Cultural Counsellor of Chinese embassy in Dhaka Li Shaopeng expressed this view while speaking as the chief guest at the Chinese Night, organized by Overseas Chinese Association in Bangladesh at Gulshan on Thursday night.

“China-Bangladesh relations are very robust. We have a comprehensive partnership that spans across sectors from economy to trade, investment, development cooperation, connectivity, and people-to-people exchanges,” he said.

Li Shaopeng said, “As the Cultural Councellor, I greatly admire and appreciate that we can hold the ‘China Night’ event. Chinese culture is our common pride and a great contribution of China to world civilization. Today offers an excellent opportunity to celebrate and experience the rich diversity of Chinese culture.”

He also said “ Through music, dance, martial arts, cuisine, and other forms of expression, we will not only share a cultural feast, showcasing the endless charm of Chinese culture and the spirit of the Chinese people but also deepen our understanding and friendship.”

Laying stress on cultural diversity and heritage, President of Overseas Chinese Association in Bangladesh (OCAB) Calvin Ngan in his speech said that different ethnic groups reside peacefully and share equal rights in China. 

“Tonight, we come together to honor and share the rich cultural heritage of China. As overseas Chinese and international friends, we are proud to showcase the beauty and diversity of Chinese traditions - from its timeless arts and music, to its captivating cuisine and time-honored customs.”

“China's influence has truly spanned the globe, touching the lives of people from all walks of life. And here, in our community, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to share this remarkable culture,” Calvin Ngan said.

“Our featured province tonight is Yunan.  Yunan is the closest province to Bangladesh and it is known for its ethnic diversity.  Many of your perceptions of Chinese are the Han ethnic group which is the largest ethnic group in China.  In fact there are 56 different ethnic groups in China.  With 48 million in population, 26 different ethnic groups reside peacefully and share equal rights as Chinese citizens in Yunnan.  Yunan is known for its tea, national parks, rivers, mountains, and its colorful flowers.  Indeed we call Yunnan, colorful Yunnan for this reason. If anyone has a chance, Yunan is definitely one of the top destinations to visit.  

“Let us come together in celebration of our shared humanity and the beauty that emerges when cultures connect,” he added
Deputy Secretary General of OCAB Jessi Yiu,  Consul of the Chinese embassy in   Dhaka CUI Yang and Chinese communities in Bangladesh attended the reception.

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