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‘Bangladesh would be the 7th highest remittance recipient’

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Published: 19:35, 1 December 2022   Update: 19:42, 1 December 2022
‘Bangladesh would be the 7th highest remittance recipient’

Bangladesh earned $22 US billion in remittances from expatriate earnings last year. This year it may decrease to 21 billion US dollars. However, among the top eight remittance-receiving countries, Bangladesh would be ranked seventh this year as well.

The World Bank revealed the projection in a report titled published on Wednesday (November 30).

The report said, as always, India will be at the top of expatriate income. A record 100 billion US dollar remittance will come to that country this year.  Next on the list are- Mexico ($60 billion), China ($51 billion), Philippines ($38 billion), Egypt ($32 billion) and Pakistan ($29 billion).

The Brief said remittances to South Asia grew an estimated 3.5 percent to $163 billion in 2022, but there is large disparity across countries, from India's projected 12 percent gain-which is on track to reach $100 billion in receipts for the year--to Nepal's 4 percent increase, to an aggregate decline of 10 percent for the region's remaining countries.

The report showed that the remittance flow in Bangladesh was downward in the last 8 months.