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Dhaka     Friday   31 March 2023

EVMs to be used in 50 to 70 seats in general election

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Published: 20:38, 30 January 2023   Update: 22:59, 30 January 2023
EVMs to be used in 50 to 70 seats in general election

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The Election Commission (EC) will hold voting with Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in 50 to 70 seats in the upcoming 12th general elections. In this case, the decision will be taken depending on how many machines are available for use.

Election Commissioner Begum Rashida Sultana came up with information to reporters at her office in the Nirbachan Bhaban on Monday (January 30).

The EC proposed to the government to take a new project of 8,711 crore and 44 lakh taka for the purchase and maintenance of 2 lakh new EVMs for voting in maximum 150 seats. However, on January 22, due to the financial crisis, the government decided not to process the project proposal for the time being.

In this case, the EC has decided to hold voting with EVMs in as many seats as possible with the ongoing project. However, the organization has not yet determined how many seats this device can be used in.

When asked, EC Begum Rashida Sultana told reporters, “I have not said whether we will hold elections with the EVMs we have or not. There is plenty of time. Currently, it is being seen how many EVMs are in good condition. In this case, EVMs are likely to be used in 50 to 70 seats, such a figure I think.”