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Dhaka     Sunday   16 June 2024

People need to be aware of impacts of climate change

Md Nazmul Islam Faruque || risingbd.com

Published: 19:55, 15 May 2024  
People need to be aware of impacts of climate change

Bangladesh had six seasons. There are no longer six seasons due to climate change impacts. On the one hand, there is industrialisation and on the other hand, people are cutting down trees. In such a situation, carbon dioxide in the air is increasing. And that's the effect of climate change. Analysts say it is important to make people aware of the effects of climate change.

Analysts say that in this era of industrialization, new industrial units are constantly being built all over the world, including Bangladesh. It is not increasing at the same rate. Although the developed countries of the world have planned industrialization, the rate is low of planned industrialization in Bangladesh. The waste from the unplanned industrial plants pollutes rivers, drains, air and environment. The climate is changing rapidly due to human activities.

A large amount of carbon dioxide is produced due to the burning of chemical waste. These chemicals are produced by various industries. Where people are greedy for money. All of these factors are human-caused and are responsible for climate change. Therefore, the biggest step in combating climate change is to make people aware. This will help reduce the impact of climate change.

Environmentalist Dr. Nazneen Siddiqui said, emissions of various gases, including carbon dioxide, from the factories are increasing the temperature of the atmosphere. People are responsible for this. Therefore, it will be possible to protect people from the harmful effects of climate change.

Meanwhile, the government of Bangladesh is working to combat the harmful effects of climate change. The Climate Change Trust is undertaking various projects to address the risks of climate change. Through which the awareness of the local people will increase, the capacity of the people will increase. The government is working to create a green belt in the coastal areas by planting trees to protect the people from the harmful effects of climate change. 

Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) Director Jashoda Jiban Debnath said, the next day's challenge is to ensure food security. In order to maintain the supply of food, it is necessary to increase the productivity of agriculture and reduce the cost of cultivation. It is necessary to ensure the proper use of mineral resources including soil and water. And to do that, we need to reduce carbon emissions. People need to be aware of the impacts of climate change.