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Govt to import onion from India in March

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Published: 14:21, 26 February 2024  
Govt to import onion from India in March

Indian onion will start to arrive in Bangladesh in the first week of March. India will send the onion to Bangladesh under a bilateral agreement. A total of 50,000 tonnes of onions will be imported under the agreement.

Commerce ministry sources confirmed the matter.

Onions are being sold at high prices in the country's market for a long time. Every year during the month of Ramadan the demand for onions becomes higher than any other time.

The market stakeholders fear that the price of onion will increase further in the upcoming Ramadan. In this situation, the government wants to import 50,000 tons of onions from India before the month of fasting to keep the market supply and prices normal.

Earlier, India permitted the export of 50,000 tonnes of onions to Bangladesh ahead of Ramadan, relaxing the vegetable's export ban.