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Walton Bangladesh: A Brief History

Syed Zahirul Abedin || risingbd.com

Published: 06:11, 15 January 2013   Update: 15:18, 26 July 2020
Walton Bangladesh: A Brief History







Name                                                   Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited


Type                                                      Private Limited Company


Industry                                              Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics and Automobiles


Founded                                              Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited set up its manufacturing industry at Chandra in Kaliakoir of Gazipur, about 40km (25 miles) north of the capital Dhaka, in 2006


of Operations                                    2008


Parent Company                              Rezvi and Brothers, formed in 1977, which was later merged with R.B. Group, a leading business conglomerate in private sector of Bangladesh.

There are eight sister concerns under R.B. Group and Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited is one of them


Founder Chairman                       S.M. Nazrul Islam, Founder Chairman, Rezvi and Brothers


Headquarters                                  Dhaka, Bangladesh


Areas Served                                     Bangladesh, South Asia, North America, Australia, Middle East          

                                                                 and Africa


Key People                                       S.M. Nurul Alam Rezvi, Chairman, R.B. Group

                                                              S.M. Shamsul Alam, Managing Director, R.B. Group

                                                              S.M. Ashraful Alam, Managing Director, Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited

                                                              S.M. Mahbubul Alam, Director, R.B. Group

                                                              S.M. Rezaul Alam, Director, R.B. Group

                                                              S.M. Monjurul Islam Ovee, Director, R.B. Group


Products                                      Refrigerator, freezer, air-conditioner, television, motorcycle, mobile phone, DVD

                                                        player, microwave oven, washing machine, generator, iron etc




Walton Hi-Tech

Industries Ltd                      1.4 million Refrigerators and Freezers, 300,000 Motorcycles, 300,000 Air-conditioners


Walton Micro-Tech                       1 million Televisions (3D LED, LED, LCD, CRT)



Employees                                         10,000 (directly employed) and 20,000 (indirectly employed)


Commitment                                     Highest priority to customers’ satisfaction providing latest technology-based world-class electrical, electronics and automobile products with innovative designs, attractive models and excellent quality


Objective                                             To emerge as a global electrical and electronics brand by  introducing ‘Made in Bangladesh’ products worldwide and establish Bangladesh as an industrialized nation


Website                                               www.waltonbd.com


Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd

Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited, commonly referred to as Walton, is a private limited company of Bangladesh. It is a sister concern of R.B. Group. Walton is one of the largest electrical, electronics and automobiles manufacturing companies in South Asia. Its headquarters is situated at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Walton manufactures very high quality and durable refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners and motorcycles at its state-of-the-art plant at Chandra in Kaliakoir of Gazipur district, some 40 km (25 miles) north of the capital Dhaka. It started its commercial production and marketing since 2008 with the slogan ‘Walton at Every Home.’ Walton consistently applies leading global technologies in manufacturing of its products.

Besides, Walton brand of televisions and their components are manufactured in Walton`s plant in Gazipur under Walton Micro-Tech Corporation, another sister concern of R.B. Group.

Walton’s products have already won the hearts of the millions of people in Bangladesh for their outstanding designs, uncompromising quality and affordable prices. It has now become a trusted brand name in every household of Bangladesh.

Walton is an ISO 9001:2008 QMS and ISO 14100:2004 EMS certified company. It is endeavouring to translate its dream of becoming one of the leaders by manufacturing superior quality electrical and electronics products using the best technologies.

Walton product line also includes mobile phones, generators, washing machines, iron etc.

Walton has also planned to manufacture automobiles where a large number of local people are likely to get employment opportunities.



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  • Walton High-Tech Ind. Ltd. Factory
  • Walton Micro-Tech Corp Factory
  • Walton Products
  • Worldwide Marketing
  • Walton as a Brand
  • Walton’s Servicing Networks
  • Walton’s Eco-friendly Approaches
  • Walton’s Future Plans
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Walton’s Corporate History


Walton is greatly indebted to S.M. Nazrul Islam, a visionary business leader and an extraordinary entrepreneur, for its today’s name, fame and success. Mr Islam, also the founder chairman of R.B. Group and Walton, was born in an aristocratic business family of Tangail in Bangladesh in 1926. He has acquired all the techniques of trade and commerce from his businessman father S.M. Atahar Ali Talukder (1901-1982). 


Mr Islam joined his father’s business after Britain had left the Indian sub-continent in 1947. His joining marked a significant turning-point in his family business. In his long and eventful life, Mr Islam has brought many innovations and diversifications in his business.  He formed Walton’s parent company Rezvi and Brothers in 1977 and moved it forward through his dynamic, farsighted and stronger leadership.


One of the unique characteristics of S.M. Nazrul Islam is that he can still take decisions very quickly in any situation. He remains a great source of inspiration for all in R.B. Group. All in Walton share the great privilege and responsibility of translating his dreams into reality.


Afterward, R.B. Group was formed and Rezvi and Brothers merged with it. In the meantime, his two sons S.M. Nurul Alam Rezvi and S.M. Shamsul Alam joined R.B. Group and took over the charges of its Chairman and Managing Director respectively. Besides, S.M. Nazrul Islam’s other three sons--S.M. Ashraful Alam, S.M. Mahbubul Alam and S.M. Rezaul Alam-- joined the R.B. Group as Directors.


S.M. Monjurul Islam Ovee, eldest son of S.M. Nurul Alam Rezvi, joined R.B. Group as Director in July 2012.


R.B. Group’s sister concern Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited was formed in 2002 and S.M. Ashraful Alam took over the charge of it as Managing Director. Walton’s manufacturing plant was built at Chandra in Kaliakoir, Gazipur near Dhaka in 2006 and it went into commercial production in 2008. Since then Walton has been moving forward.


Walton has now turned into a leading home appliances, electronics and automobiles manufacturing company in Bangladesh. It manufactures refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners, motorcycles, mobile phones, DVD players, microwave ovens, washing machines, diesel generators and irons. Besides, Walton brand of 3-dimensional LED, LCD and CRT televisions are manufactured under Walton Micro-Tech Corporation, another sister concern of R.B. Group.


Walton has the largest marketing network across Bangladesh and it sells its products through more than 5,000 outlets, including 140 plazas or company owned showrooms, and exclusive distributors’ and dealers’ showrooms.

Walton has directly and indirectly employed more than 30,000 people in Bangladesh. They include engineers, technicians, officers, employees and workers. It takes pride being one of the largest and preferred employers in Bangladesh. On an average, five people are dependent on each of these employees. So, Walton has been contributing to the livelihoods of an estimated 150,000 people in the country.

Walton provides committed, reliable and excellent after-sale services to its customers through its service centres all-over Bangladesh.

Walton is constantly striving to improve lifestyles of people providing best quality products with extraordinary performances. It always pays utmost attention to the customer’s need, choice and satisfaction.  

The management of R.B. Group firmly believes that if Bangladesh moves forward, Walton will also move forward. To them, the interest of the country should get first priority. They also believe that Bangladesh will be able to get rid of the shackles of hunger, poverty and unemployment only through the rapid industrialization.



Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited’s Factory

The electrical, electronics and automobiles manufacturing factory of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited is situated at Chandra in Gazipur. It is an automatic and full-fledged factory in Bangladesh. The total area of the factory is 2.16 million square feet. There are several units inside the factory where various components of refrigerator, freezer, motorcycle, air-conditioners and their spare parts are designed, manufactured and assembled. This factory is exceptional and wonderful in this sense that all kinds of components and spare parts required for assembling refrigerators, freezers, motorcycles and air-conditioners are manufactured here. Besides, quality control is strictly followed at all stages of manufacturing, assembling and packaging processes.


Walton Micro-Tech Corporation’s Factory

Walton Micro-Tech Corporation’s factory is situated near the Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited’s factory at Chandra in Gazipur. All kinds of Walton brand of televisions, including 3D LED, LED, LCD and CRT televisions and their spare parts are designed, manufactured and packaged here.


Walton’s Products

Refrigerators and freezers: Walton manufactures world-class refrigerators and freezers at its modern and fully automatic plant, which is one of the biggest in South Asia. Refrigerators and freezers are manufactured using latest technology and high quality compressors. The technology ensures longer cooling system, low energy consumption and exact moisture for maintaining food value. Condenser is made of 100 per cent copper in accordance with international standard. Walton refrigerators offer different models with eye-catching designs and colours. Spare parts including doors are changeable and available everywhere in the country.

Walton has recently launched world-class refrigerators and freezers using the nanotechnology to keep food fresh and intact for a longer period of time. All the Walton models of refrigerators are manufactured using the silver nano particles which helps keep food free from many harmful bacteria and unpleasant odours.

Some 600,000 units of refrigerators and freezers are being manufactured at Walton’s factory annually. Besides, its new production line is going to produce 800,000 units of refrigerators and freezers soon.

Walton has recently planned to manufacture world-class non-frost and luxurious refrigerators, keeping the taste and demand of customers of developed countries in mind.

Walton brand of refrigerators and freezers hold 70-75  per cent market share of refrigerators and freezers in Bangladesh.

At present, Walton has the capacity of manufacturing 1.4 million refrigerators and freezers annually.


Motorcycles: Walton manufactures different models of motorbikes at its state-of-the art plant. Walton motorcycles are powered by five different capacity engines--140cc, 125cc, 110cc and 100cc. They offer high-quality performances and different mileages. The first one is Xplore which is available with 140cc and 125cc capacity engine; the second model is Fusion, which is available with 125cc and 110cc engines, while the third one is Prizm with 110cc capacity engine and the fourth model is Cruize which is available with 100cc capacity engine. All these motorcycles have single cylinder, air-cooling system and 4-stroke engines.

Air-conditioners: Walton manufactures world-class air-conditioners, ranging between 1, 1½ and 2 tons. At present, Walton is manufacturing split-type air-conditioners. Soon it will start manufacturing window-type air-conditioners. Walton brand of air-conditioners are manufactured in combination with high-quality raw materials and latest technology. Walton air-conditioners, which are available in different models and colours, contain LED display and 100 per cent copper condenser. It gives assurance of optimum performances. Quality control is strictly maintained at every phase of production.


Televisions: Walton brand of high-quality televisions, ranging from 19-inch to 55-inch, are manufactured at Walton Micro-Tech Corporation, another sister concern of R.B. Group. Walton televisions’ picture quality is so clear, sharp, bright and flicker-free that consumers have cordially accepted the Walton brand of televisions. As many as 26 different models of televisions are manufactured at Walton Micro-Tech Corporation. The latest and sophisticated technology is used to make picture quality sharp, smooth and vivid.


Walton has the capacity of manufacturing one million television sets annually. It offers 3D LED, LED and LCD televisions at affordable prices. It lasts long and consumes less electricity. Improved digital technology is used in all models of Walton brand of television.


Worldwide Marketing

Demand of Walton products is now growing in different countries of the world apart

from Bangladesh, for their outstanding quality, reliability and durability.  Walton

exports its products to 20 different countries of the world.  With this success, Walton

looks to extend its marketing coverage towards other international market. This would

bring it into direct competition with other globally established brands. In the context of

unprecedented growth in demand both at home and abroad, Walton has planned to

build an exclusively new refrigerator manufacturing plant.

Walton has a plan to export its products to 50 countries of the world by 2015.


Walton as a Brand

Walton has emerged as the most popular brand among all consumer brands of electrical, electronics and automobiles products in Bangladesh. Now, Walton brand is known at every household of the country. It proves that Walton has achieved a degree of success which is unparallel in the country’s business domain.

‘It’s Our Product’ (in Bangla: Amader Ponno)—a major slogan of the brand, leaves a strong impression about Walton’s commitment to deliver the best with Bangladesh identity.

Walton brand of refrigerators has been adjudged the best among all local and foreign brands of refrigerators for their quality, affordability and durability at the just concluded Best Brand Award 2011 giving ceremony in Dhaka recently.

Bangladesh Brand Forum and Nielsen Bangladesh Ltd jointly organised the event in the second week of July 2012.

The brands were ranked following an extensive survey carried out by Bangladesh Brand Forum, in collaboration with Nielsen Bangladesh Ltd, a subsidiary of the world`s largest survey research company of the United States, among 5,000 households across the country in May 2012.

Besides, Walton brand of televisions has been judged as the second best brand in the brand ranking race.   Walton has also been ranked as the 5th best brand among all best local brands, while the 18th best brand among all local and foreign brands of Bangladesh.

Walton’s Servicing Networks

Walton’s motto is ‘Service First.’ Walton provides after-sale services for its products from its extensive servicing networks, which is the largest in Bangladesh. Walton customers of home appliances, electronics and automobiles receive after-sale services at free of cost from any parts of the country within only two hours. Known as ‘Walton Service Management System,’ Walton Service Centers are the only service centers in Bangladesh which has ISO Certification. Equipped with full-fledged computerized system and latest technology, these service centers remain open for customers seven days a week. Even these service centers remain open on holidays. More than 700 engineers and technicians work round-the-clock at these service centers where all kinds of spare parts of the Walton products are available. Customers are highly satisfied receiving after-sale services from Walton Service Centers.

Walton also offers replacement warranty for its products, particularly for all kinds of refrigerators and freezers.

Walton’s Eco-friendly Approaches

Walton is committed to manufacturing environment-friendly products through innovation and technological progress. Walton’s research and development teams are continually working to improve the energy standards of its products, bringing eco-friendly appliances into homes nationwide. Walton uses CFC-free gas in the entire manufacturing process. It uses eco-friendly polyisocyanurate insulation in refrigerators and air-conditioners. Walton also avoids 2-stroke engines in its motorcycles.

Walton’s Research and Development teams aren’t only looking for ways to be more eco-friendly through product design and development, but also product packaging and manufacturing

Walton’s Future Plans


Walton has a plan to manufacture 3 million compressors of refrigerators and air-conditioners every year in future. The company will manufacture high-quality compressors at a separate plant and export them after meeting the domestic demand. Country’s electronics goods manufacturing, assembling and marketing companies will be able to use these compressors to manufacture their respective brands of refrigerators and freezers at Walton factory. 


Besides, Walton will manufacture both smartphones and feature phones of various configurations, designs and prices. Walton smartphones are likely to have the latest mobile operating system, with more advanced computing capability and connectivity. They will also have high-resolution touchscreens and web browsers that display standard web pages.


Moreover, Walton has also planned to manufacture Desktop, Laptop, Tablet PC and Notebook computers under Walton ElectroComp Limited, another sister concern of R.B. Group. The company is now actively working on the issue. Walton has already launched an initiative of market survey to know about the demand, supply and size of the market of Laptop, Tablet PC and Notebook computers in Bangladesh.
















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