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Malaysian star Cheng passes away on set

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Published: 16:00, 30 November 2023  
Malaysian star Cheng passes away on set

Malaysian singer Queenzy Cheng, famed for her Chinese New Year performances, sadly passed away at the age of 37.

The news was announced in a statement on Cheng’s Facebook and Instagram page on Tuesday (November 28).

According to a report by China Press, the singer suffered a brain aneurysm.

Local artiste Chai Zi – who was present at the time of Cheng’s passing – revealed that Cheng was filming for the social media channel Squad Sekawan when she collapsed.

“We arrived at Damansara around 8am and started filming at 8.30am after having breakfast. She seemed perfectly fine at the time,” he told China Press.

He added that while preparing to film the second episode at around 10.30am, Cheng said that she felt dizzy, nauseous and that her head hurt.

Chai Zi – who co-founded Squad Sekawan with Cheng and a few other friends – also told China Press that the staff on set called for an ambulance after Cheng vomited.

At the time, the singer was still conscious and gave the staff members the passcode to her mobile phone so they could contact her boyfriend for medical records.

“The staff members with first aid knowledge attended to her. Queenzy was still breathing when she lost consciousness.

“However, her heart was beating very fast. Soon after, her lips, hands and feet turned purple,” Chai Zi said.

The ambulance reportedly arrived within five minutes but despite efforts to resuscitate her, Cheng could not be revived and was pronounced dead.

Sin Chew Daily reported that Cheng’s funeral will be held on Saturday (December 2).

Many local celebrities, including former M-Girls members Crystal Ong and Angeline Khoo, have since taken to social media to extend their condolences.

Cheng is best known for her renditions of Chinese New Year songs.

She joined M-Girls in 2000 – alongside Koo, Ong and Cass Chin. The group made its debut in 2001.

(With inputs from The Star)