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Baby lying on floor of Taylor concert sparks outrage

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Published: 17:32, 16 May 2024  
Baby lying on floor of Taylor concert sparks outrage

Friday’s concert marked the second of four nights that Taylor Swift was scheduled to perform at the Paris La Défense Arena. She is next scheduled to perform on Friday (17 May) in Sweden.

A photo appearing to show a baby lying on the floor of Taylor Swift’s Paris concert has sparked outrage.

On Friday (10 May), X user @jacnights13 shared a photo of a baby allegedly in the standing section of the concert, alongside the caption: “Not to be one of those people but I would genuinely call security if I saw a baby in the pit because it is NOT safe there.”

An unidentified person could be seen standing over the baby, but it’s unclear whether they were the parent or guardian.
@jacnights13, whose account has since been made private, did not take the photo in question, she clarified. 

A representative for the Parisian concert venue has since addressed the incident, telling Page Six: “For spectators with a young child in the floor, an alternative seating arrangement has been proposed but refused by ticket holders.”

On X, users expressed concern and anger towards anybody who would “even think about bringing a baby [to] these kind of events”.

“You belong in a jail cell for bringing your baby on the floor of a Taylor Swift concert. The lack of common sense is astonishing to me,” one person tweeted. 

The La Défense Arena website notes that the venue “doesn’t recommend bringing children under the age of 4, even if accompanied, particularly due to the high volume”.