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Janhvi on romantic scenes in ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’

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Published: 15:43, 29 May 2024   Update: 16:39, 29 May 2024
Janhvi on romantic scenes in ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’

'Mr and Mrs Mahi', helmed by Sharan Sharma, will release in theatres on May 31. It is being touted as a romantic drama, where cricket clashes with romance.

Janhvi Kapoor is gearing up for the grand release of her upcoming film 'Me and Mrs Mahi' with Rajkummar Rao. 

On May 28, Janhvi recalled some anecdotes about her personal and professional life. 

Ahead of that, the actor hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit answering questions posed by her ardent fans and followers. 

Answering one such question, Janhvi opened up about filming romantic scenes with Rajkummar in the sports drama. 

Narrating a behind-the-scenes incident from 'Mr and Mrs Mahi', Janhvi shared, “Most of mine and Raj’s romantic moments in the film, me and him were completely exhausted. Like I think one of our first romantic moments were after a 20-hour shift and both of us were feeling like dead, and we had bad tummies, our bodies were broken, and then we had to look like we were falling in love, and we were going to have our first kiss, but really we were feeling we were dying inside (sic).” 

Additionally, she also shared her journey behind preparing for her role in 'Mr and Mrs Mahi'.

She said that she had to train for over two years and also injured herself several times. “I think 10 days, to that, I had my first injury, and then I had got demoted to a tennis ball, and then I worked my way up to a machine ball, and then I had my second dislocation and then the doctor said I need to use a lighter bat and maybe just use a tennis ball or a machine ball which was quite heartbreaking because that sound that comes with a proper season ball on a heavy bat is priceless, but it was tough. The injuries were very tough, very painful, and I am still kind of recovering from one of the two dislocations”, Janhvi shared.