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Film director Sohanur Rahman Sohan dies

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Published: 19:30, 13 September 2023   Update: 19:55, 13 September 2023
Film director Sohanur Rahman Sohan dies

Renowned film director Sohanur Rahman Sohan has passed away at a hospital in the capital on Wednesday (September 13) evening.

Sohan, best known for his groundbreaking film “Keyamot Theke Keyamot”, breathed his last this evening while undergoing treatment at Uttara Crescent hospital in the capital.

Film director Kazi Hayat confirmed his death news to risingbd.

The tragic news comes after Sohan’s wife passed away yesterday at their own residence, during her sleep. It is reported that Sohan fell critically ill after the incident, and was taken to the hospital.

Film director Apurba Rana told the media: “Sohan bhai was sleeping this noon. He was not responding while he was being called in the afternoon. Duty doctor declared him dead moments after he was taken to Uttara Crescent hospital.”

Sohan was a renowned director in the 90’s, having started his career as an assistant director in 1977. His first directorial film was named “Biswas Obiswas”, but he truly broke new ground after making “Keyamot Theke Keyamot”, starring Salman Shah and Moushumi.

Some of his notable works are “Amar Desh Amar Prem”, “Swajan”, “Amar Ghor Amar Behesto”, “Ananta Bhalobasha”, “Shami Chintai”, “Amar Jaan Amar Pran”, “Poran Joliya Jay Re”, “Koti Takar Prem”, “She Amar Mon Kereche” and “Lobhe Paap Paape Mrittu”.