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Nobel Prize announcements begin today

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Published: 10:21, 2 October 2023  
Nobel Prize announcements begin today

Winners of this year's Nobel Prizes will be announced starting on Monday (October 2).

Recipients of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine will be announced on Monday, followed by Physics on Tuesday, Chemistry on Wednesday, Literature on Thursday and Peace on Friday. The winner of the Economics Prize will be announced on October 9.

Twenty-eight people from Japan have won the prize to date, including those who had obtained US citizenship.

Of them, 20 have received prizes since 2000 in the natural sciences. That's the second largest number of winners after the United States during the period.

Meanwhile, no one from Japan has won the Nobel Prize in Literature since Oe Kenzaburo in 1994, and the Nobel Peace Prize since Sato Eisaku, a former prime minister, in 1974. The Nobel Prize in Economics has yet to be awarded to a Japanese national.

Japanese will be paying close attention to see if Japan produces a winner this year. If so, it will be the first in two years, following Manabe Syukuro, a Japanese-born scientist who won the 2021 Nobel Physics Prize.

The Nobel Prize is based on the will of Alfred Nobel of Sweden, who invented dynamite. It recognizes people who have made significant contributions to mankind.

The Nobel Prize award ceremony and banquet will be held in Sweden's capital, Stockholm, in December._Agencies.

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