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Expatriates should not return home right now

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Published: 07:37, 21 March 2020   Update: 15:18, 26 July 2020
Expatriates should not return home right now

Inayah Akter Sadia, who is studying in Aerospace Engineering and Vice President of the International Student Club of Los Angeles City College, California, USA; opines that Bangladeshi expatriates should not return home right now in a bid to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

It is the best option right now for the expatriates to stay at their current locations for their own safety, beloved ones at home and greater interest of the nation.

She also urges those who have already come to Bangladesh recently to stay in self-quarantine. Otherwise, many people of Bangladesh can be infected with coronavirus like many other countries of the world, and it can seriously hit our public health and economy.

Inayah Akter Sadia has written her opinion about the issue in the article below. 

Must be so easy staying at home with family, getting a good healthy meal 3 times a day and sitting on Facebook and bashing students who are out of the country for traveling back home or not traveling back home and freaking out.
You ask me why did I even come to the US if I am not mentally prepared for things like this in the first place?  Were you mentally prepared for it?

Do you think the entire world was? What weed do you smoke bro? I’ll not mention who you are cause I don’t think asses like you should get more attention than they require.

People who are traveling back home are as much freaked out as the ones not going back home. I can’t afford to go back home at this point. Who will take responsibility of my bills here? Whats the guarantee that I will be let back in if I travel out now? Travel signatures expire within a year of getting them and who knows how long this will take?

My parents worked their entire life just to see me where I am right now. Youre bashing everyone for going back home from other countries, mocking them for doing this and saying shits like why do you leave if you have to come back at the end of the day? Well heres why, they earn like £8-10 per hour.

They don’t sleep for more than 4-5 hours a day just to support their family back at home cause our country is full of horseshit! And the increased prices of everything indicates that more than ever. End of the day they earn more than they can from our beloved country but they are human beings too. Everyone fears death and believe me when I say this, being with family is the best support and strength anyone will ever have. Some of them are breaking out of quarantine yes its their fault but don’t you think the government should also be more strict about that? And what are you doing to help? You are traveling all across the city and the country celebrating your break. Remember when you point out one finger at someone, three are pointing back at you.

Yes I am freaked out and so is the entire world except you lot who are in the shelter of your parents and siblings and mocking this entire situation. Keep in mind we were also thinking about your pathetic ass before traveling out. We kept in mind there was a 99% chance of getting the virus if we step out and there’s a chance of spreading it as soon as we step into Bangladesh. Yes we thought of our family first just like you do but in some part of my brain the entire nation was there too. I wouldn’t be half as freaked out if I had one family member here with me rn. My brain worries two ways, one for me and one for my entire family living back in my country.