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Two Poems on ‘Peace’

Gazi Abdulla-hel Baqui || risingbd.com

Published: 12:30, 20 May 2022  
Two Poems on ‘Peace’

            1.    Smile of Peace

Peace smiles upon oases and the greens,
Peace flashes on the rippling waves,
When man will dispel all ills and evils,
Peace settles at the bottom of the soul.

Peace smiles on flora and fauna,
Peace reflects on mirrors of mind,
When man will cancel missiles and shells,
Peace shines as the riches of the mankind.
Peace smiles on the dear name of everyone,
Peace flings its spell on plentiful peace-treaties,
When the so-called saviours will keep mum,
Peace upholds the dignity of eternal life.

Peace smiles on the shower after severe heat,
Peace blooms upon the hum of homeward armies,
When the kindler promises not to burn in his own fire,
Peace dwells on charity, truth and love.

Peace smiles on the affirmative look of the beloved,
Peace rejoices in the most passionate embrace,
When the rulers will listen to the poets,
Peace deepens the free shadows of flags.

Peace smiles on the graceful conduct of man,
Peace illumines all the values in heart,
When the crown of creation hates each other’s ugly self,
Smile of peace breaks on the lips of a babe.

Peace smiles on the gentle breeze at dawn,
Peace always rests on wings of pigeons,
When the loathsome soul of the warlord is dead,
Peace spreads its wings to blissful heaven.

Peace smiles on the lips of Monalisa,
Peace sparkles on the tops of towers and tombs,
When all weapons are getting rusted,
Peace flows through Art and Culture.

Peace smiles on patience and tolerance,
Peace truly exists as the soul’s lost wealth,
When man understands bullets have to blessings,
Peace writes her name effacing the curse of war.

Peace smiles on all noble inventions,
Peace prevails in tradition and civilizations,
When man kills in himself the destroyer’s instinct,
Peace creates knowledge and emotion.

Peace smiled on the creation of man,
Peace has smiled the set-up of its Shelter,
If the world casts eyes most neutral,
Smile of peace will last but forever.

(This poem was awarded ‘Prize of Merit’ in an International Poetry Contest ‘A Poem for Peace’ in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian languages, held in Italy in 1995.)



       2.    The Beauty of Peace

I think if my works were leaky,
I never bank on love or Nature.
I know my emotions are swelling sound
Like the peaceful breast of a pigeon.

Through the leaks of my verse I pale,
If beauty silently fades,
How in the foggy veil the orb of gold
Is rendered a thin silver moon!

The pure feelings rush to mend the leaks,
With faith and belief I never despair.
I write ‘peace’ on the brow of the world
To acknowledge it a creative theme.

A rootless poet soars so high up,
Melts into peace as the morning dews.
My works are ever pure, never leaky
If I could gain peace’s beauty!

The quest of peace be the exchange of life,
I dedicate my heart, be it pure or leaky,
Breaking the strong wings of war and woe
Surely I could run my chance’s horse.

Keats’s days are changed and gone,
Beauty cannot exist without peace,
Truth survives Beauty but not Peace
Peace is Truth, Truth Peace that is all.

Dr. Gazi Abdulla-hel Baqui, a poet, writer, translator and university professor, has already authored twenty books and a great number of poems, (including a large number of rubaiyat and haiku), articles and stories. He has been awarded nationally and internationally for his poetic accomplishments for several times. He writes both in Bangla and English.