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Implement dope testing immediately

Sadikur Sadik || risingbd.com

Published: 10:04, 20 September 2022   Update: 10:07, 20 September 2022
Implement dope testing immediately

Sadikur Sadik

A dope test is a scientific study of biological material, such as urine, hair, blood, breath, sweat, or oral fluid, to find out whether or not certain parent substances or their metabolites are present.

So it is simple to establish whether someone uses drugs or not using drugs using doping testing. The number of people who use drugs and engage in drug-related activities is growing by the day. It brings on a wide range of illnesses, including death. The young people of today will govern the nation of tomorrow. 65% of drug-addicted are young which has a negative impact on the growth of social, economic, educational, and so on infrastructure. It worries us to have pessimistic thoughts regarding Bangladesh's progress and continued existence. The worrying reports about the expansion of drug use and related activities truly stunned us.

Many efforts may be done by the government, society, and individuals to address the issue of drug addiction. It is difficult to identify a drug addict since they consume narcotics secretly. Despite the fact that many people use drugs secretly, we are unable to identify them when they use drugs for the first time. We can grasp the outcome when they take drugs often and the symptoms appear. The simplest method to spot a drug user is by doping or a technical examination of a drug test.

Students, government workers, and anybody else associated with any organization use drugs due to easy access to drugs, negligence on the part of the responsible authority about drug addiction, and failure to immediately identify the addicted individual. The dope test may provide a remedy for drug addiction problems.

To encourage drivers to avoid using drugs, Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina ordered to dope test in October 2020. To combat narcotics, PM has adopted a zero-tolerance stance. Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan stated in August 2021 that everyone must undertake dope tests before enrolling in government jobs and must test at least once a year to combat drug misuse. Additionally, He was stated that taking the drug test would be required before enrolling in a university. The authority is implemented for government officials, but because of irregularities and corruption, it is not without question. Unfortunately, the system of drug testing before admission to universities has not yet been implemented. A year has gone by, yet it hasn't been implemented successfully.

Many articles have been written, and much has been debated in order to design the law and logistic method, but the delay may pose an irreversible risk to young people as well as Bangladesh's future.

Although the government has begun to enforce the abovementioned statement, "conducting a mandatory drug test at this time is necessary by overcoming all impediments" is a public demand. The government should take the appropriate actions to recover the individual by building enough treatment facilities for addicts after discovering the person who tested positive for drugs.

Above all, government laws and restrictions against drug addiction should be supported by ongoing societal awareness campaigns. The general public should be educated on how to handle addicts.