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Exploded object in Bogura was powerful hand bomb: Police

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Published: 20:40, 2 June 2023  
Exploded object in Bogura was powerful hand bomb: Police

The cocktail-like object that exploded at a house in Bogura was a powerful hand bomb, police said. On Friday (June 2) afternoon, a team of DMP’s bomb disposal unit reached Bogura and disposed another hand bomb at the spot.

Earlier on Friday afternoon, a 5-member team of Bomb Disposal Unit of DMP led by Inspector Raisul Islam arrived in the house adjacent to Municipal High School at Sutrapur area of Bogura sadar. Later they inspected the house thoroughly. They then disposed the bomb-like object found on the ceiling.

After investigation, it was found that the owner of the house is former Jamaat leader late Dulal Hossain. He died 8 years ago. Later his daughter Selina Akhtar Sheuli bought the house from her mother. Sheuli has been living there with her mother. She recently took the initiative to renovate the house. Workers were working on the house on Friday morning. At around 9:30 am, a worker found some bomb-like objects on the ceiling while opening the rice tin of the house. An explosion while moving them damages Based’s hand. Later the locals rescued him and gave him first aid.

Bogura Additional Superintendent of Police (Administration) Snigdha Akhtar said, you know that a bomb-like object exploded in the morning. Later we informed the bomb disposal unit of DMP. They reached Bogura and inspected the scene. They found that there were two objects. One of which was actually a bomb. It was a powerful hand bomb.

He further said some stone-like splinters were found from the blast that took place in the morning. The bomb disposal unit had a good look at the house and told us that there was no such thing as a bomb or explosive. The house is now completely safe.

Snigdha Akhtar said, looking at the condition of the bombs, it seemed that they were very old because they had dirt and spider webs on them. And we got information that the owner of this house was involved in Jamaat politics. We are verifying the information. We will investigate. Of course, we should know its source. We will investigate the matter.