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Omicron getting terrible like Delta

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Published: 19:12, 23 January 2022  
Omicron getting terrible like Delta

Omicron, the mostly contagious variant of the coronavirus, is gradually getting terrible like Delta, another variant of the deadly virus, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). The organization has warned all to be cautious more in case of daily movement.

DGHS Spokesperson professor Dr Md Nazmul Islam made the disclosure in the regular briefing over the coronavirus situation on Sunday (January 23) noon.

He said, “Omicron is spreading infections in community level. Though not in the beginning, Omicron is gradually taking the place of Delta.”

Prof Nazmul said, “Omicron has a lot in common with the current cough and fever in winter many of us are suffering. One of the symptoms of Omicron is runny nose. Currently, 73 percent of infected people have runny noses while 68 percent have headache, 64 percent fatigue and tiredness. 7 percent of patients are sneezing regularly. 7 percent have sore throat along with cough. 40 percent have cough. The symptoms are very similar to that of Delta. So, we should be careful.”

He further said, “If someone has the symptoms even after maintaining health guidelines and wearing mask, he/she should go to doctors without any delay. How the infection is raising currently, if the number of patient is increasing day by day thus, it will create pressure on the health management as a whole. So we have to follow the hygiene rules to get out of this situation.”

When asked, health expert professor Dr Farhad Manzur said, “Omicron was seen very normal at first. It seems it will not be much harmful though it is spreading infection in the fastest time. But it seems the Omicron is gradually causing different complexities on human bodies.”

He added, “When someone feels headache with a sore throat, dry cough, runny nose and fever; should noot be panicked, and seek medical advice as soon as possible. And the victim has to wear mask all the time and avoid public gatherings.”