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Dhaka     Saturday   21 May 2022

Shahadat to become most influential Bangladeshi entrepreneur

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Published: 19:32, 10 November 2021   Update: 19:46, 10 November 2021
Shahadat to become most influential Bangladeshi entrepreneur

Shahadat Hossainn has kept his hand firm in social campaigns like other celebrities. He is currently working on something big coming up sooner this year.

Hossainn talked about his background with the media. Here are the key parts of the conversation.

He said, “I’m a 30-year-old business person from Small Village Narsingdi, Dhaka, however before this, I’ve made a web office, diversion organization, and a couple of littler organizations. I was conceived in Narsingdi. Growing up, life wasn’t hard. I surmise I began my pioneering venture in the quest for Freedom. Money-related opportunity, yet additionally the opportunity to make and assemble dependent on my thoughts and choices, not being determined what to do.”

He is one of the most resourceful entrepreneurs in his field now. Having to take up a number of projects, proving himself just under the age of 30, Shahadat has made his way to the moons with his tremendous content generation and digital knowledge.

Shahadat Hossainn truly is an inspiration for the youth with tremendous digital media power and potential. Shahadat with his extraordinary start-up ideas has become the most influential digital bug in the country.

Hossainn, a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur who excels in more ways than one, a true hidden gem from our world, all the attention to himself began with him being a one-man army, while he showed the world that he needed no one but himself and his will to succeed at every opportunity presented to him. He is also a journalist and a blogger in the process he quickly became popular gaining well-deserved fame.