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Project TeaPad I to support female tea workers` menstrual hygiene

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Published: 18:07, 7 December 2022  
Project TeaPad I to support female tea workers` menstrual hygiene

A new project jointly initiated by a few local organizations of JCI Bangladesh has taken place in the name “Project TeaPad” in a tea estate in Sylhet city. It was organized by JCI Dhaka West, JCI Sylhet Platinum, JCI Dhaka United, JCI Dhaka Ace, JCI Dhaka Astral, JCI Dhaka Independent, Save Sylhet, B. Positive Foundation & Wreetu. In this project, the organizers have ensured proper menstrual hygiene and sanitation awareness & facilities among hundred unprivileged female tea workers of a Sylhet tea estate for a year.

Bangladesh is one of the largest tea producers in the world, and the major workforces are females there, they have long suffered from inadequate sanitation and hygiene. Although different NGOs and organizations took different actions, it has never resulted in a productive solution.

By considering those aspects in this project the organizers have provided reusable sanitary napkins by Wreetu, a producer of reusable feminine hygiene products, to these tea workers for a year for free which was funded by the members of the concerned JCI local organizations. There were also free medical camps, training and demonstration sessions about the usage of this napkin, awareness advocacy programs and many more.

In this event, Marian Chowdhury, Former General Secretary of Sylhet Divisional Sports Association was there as a chief guest. Md. Altamis Nabil, President of JCI Dhaka West, Fahim Ahmed, Local President of JCI Dhaka Ace, Mohammed Ehsanur Rahman, President of JCI Sylhet Platinum, Ayan Muminul Hoque, Founder of Save Sylhet, Azazul Hasan Khan, President of JCI Dhaka United, Syeda Shah Gufta Naz, President of JCI Dhaka Astral, Salehin Mohammed Mahdi, National Director of JCI Bangladesh were also present in this event.

From one of the organizers, Md. Altamis Nabil, President of JCI Dhaka West has stated, “The main vision of this project was to raise awareness among these underprivileged women about hygiene and reusable sanitary napkins. In this phase, we’ve been able to facilitate about a hundred female tea workers but our vision is to run it through all the major tea estates in the Sylhet area with a larger group in the coming days.”

JCI is a non-profit international non-governmental organization comprising young changemakers aged between 18 and 40 years who work to create a positive impact on society. It has members in more than 120 countries. In Bangladesh, JCI is working with 28 local chapters.

Augustin Sujan/Nasim