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'No need to be afraid while expressing'

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Published: 06:42, 19 June 2020   Update: 15:18, 26 July 2020

risingbd, country’s leading and popular news portal, is publishing stories on persons who have shown success in various fields. As part of its efforts, Nabila Nowshin is writing stories under the banner ‘In series #30days30souls’. Recently, she talked to Israt Jahan Ima, a student, a debater, a news representative, an anchor, a child actor and a multitasker. In the candid chat, Israt Jahan Ima talked about her sweet childhood, education life, achievements, future plans and more which are given below.

Hello, how are you?

Hello, I'm doing alright, Alhamdulillah. Everyone is facing some difficulties during this lockdown period, but I'd say I'm handling it pretty well.

What’s your nickname?

Most people know me as "Ima" but my family members and very close family friends call me "Israt".

From where you completed your S.S.C and H.S.C?

I've done my SSC from Cambrian School and College. I was about to attend HSC this year but the pandemic started now, so I'm waiting till everything becomes normal. I will attend HSC as a student of Cambrian College.

In which subject you want to study in future?

I chose science as my group so that I have the flexibility to choose any subject in future. Because, I always have a backup plan and my preference keeps changing. My dream is to study international relations in future but I also like Aerospace Engineering and Archeology a lot. I guess I'll have to wait to find out which one I will choose as my major.

Where you used to live in your childhood? Tell us one memorable story from your childhood!

My father is a government employee, I was born in the government quarters of Agargaon, Dhaka. I lived there with my family till I was 10 years old then we moved to Baridhara. I was very active in extracurricular activities since I was 3.5 years old, I'd say one of the most memorable experiences of my childhood was reaching the top 6 of "Marks All-rounder" in 2010.  I got a good chance to show all my talents there. Also I got to learn from talented judges too.

Do you want to give any advice to a 16-year old yourself?

I'm a little over 18 now, so I’m pretty much at the same level. I would not give any advice but I'd like to say to my 16 years old self to know that I don't have any regrets of the choices she made and whatever she's doing it's great, there is no need to be afraid while expressing what she believes.

Is there anything that you wanted to achieve from your childhood and now you have got it? If yes, then what is that and how do you achieve this?

From my childhood I had many goals which were set by myself to fulfil them in future. As time goes I keep achieving them one by one. For example, when I was very young I used to see airplane flying in the sky and I had dreams to visit other countries. This goal was achieved by me when I was 10 years old, I went to Malaysia and became 6th in a competition of mental arithmetic, where participants came from 52 countries. Another goal like this was hosting a program where the chief guest would be the prime minister of Bangladesh, and the venue would be the hall of Bangabandhu International Conference Center. I accomplished this dream when I was 11 years old. But there's still many more to achieve, these dreams keep me motivated to work even harder everyday.

In this moment we all know we have got some precious free time. So, what are you doing this time? Are you doing something productive? Share it with us! We would love to know your activities.

I literally cannot remember when I had this much free time to spend and stay at home. So for the first couple of days I only took rest. Then I started doing online activities as much as I could. I attended the special edition of "Jamboree on the internet" organized by the world organization of the scout movement. I attended a special meeting organized by scouts UK on Saint Patrick's day, where scout members and leaders of the UK joined and I was the only foreigner among them. I attended many online fundraiser debate competitions as an adjudicator. I've cooked regularly during Ramadan. I didn't let my mother cook anything on Eid. I'm glad I'm studying in a college where teachers are very sincere. So, they're taking online classes in Facebook live and zoom meetings, I'm also attending those classes regularly.

From every early age you recite poems. Even though you worked in a television program, where you played a role as an anchor and news representative. To do these kinds of things really need so much confidence and energy. How do you feel to do works like these?

I've worked in many television programs as a host or anchor. I'd like to mention "Amra Korbo Joy" of ATN Bangla where I worked as a child reporter and news presenter. I'm definitely very privileged because I started at a very young age. Eventually being in front or behind the camera or microphone became normal to me and these became part of my life.  So, I didn't need any extra courage or confidence to do it. But, now I can easily understand I'm much more confident than others while talking in front of people or doing anything else. I feel blessed that I have become very much outspoken and I have the courage to stand up for everything, I believe my confidence has helped me to go so far.

You are also a news presenting and anchoring executive of your college’s cultural academy. Also, you were a founder member of your school and college’s debate club. How does it feel to try something new?

I've been working as the news presenting and anchoring executive of Cambrian Cultural Academy since 2014. As a part of my job I host almost all the programs organized by BSB Foundation and Cambrian Education Group. It is a great platform for me to express my most special talent, where I talk in front of many people nonstop. I'm glad that I was a founding member of Cambrian Debating Society. Our club started its journey in 2011, now I'm the President, which is a dream has come true for me. It is always fun to debate and teach juniors what I know.

As a voice artist you enjoyed your work very much I see. Do you want to give any advice for those who want to be a voice artist like you in future?

Many of us don't know that the voices of actors or actresses in advertisements we see on TV are given by vocal artists most of the time. One of my most famous works is that as a voice artist I am providing voice for “Shori” in the advertisement of Robi, I've also provided my voice for the famous character "Nobita" in the Bangla version of "Doraemon.

If anyone is looking forward to being a vocal artist, it is a must to take care of your voice. I don't eat ice cream or anything cold at least from one week before recording voice. I regularly drink warm water with a bit of lemon and honey. It really helps to maintain my voice.

You used to be very active on electronic media , doing dramas, serials and even had your own TV show but now you are comparatively less active, why that?

That is true, I'm not as active on the media. The reason behind that is, studying is always my top priority. I've been very active in the media but I always want to maintain a GPA 5.00 in all board exams. But after passing SSC, I gradually decreased my work in media because my HSC result is very important for me to accomplish my goal of studying in top-ranked universities of the world. So, I decided to take a break for a while from most of my works.

Recently, you attended the 24th International Scout Jamboree, where you represented Bangladesh. What do you think, why have they selected you? And how’s your experience there?

It was definitely the most special experience of my life so far. Representing Bangladesh in such a huge event is a dream comes true. The 24th WSJ was held in the USA , hosting duty was split among Boy Scouts of America, Scouts Canada and Association de Scouts de Mexico. The venue was The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve located in Fayette and Raleigh counties, near Beckley, West Virginia. From Bangladesh we were a contingent of about 150 people including scouts, leaders and rover scouts. The selection process of the lucky scouts was very hard, our interview was taken by the international department of Bangladesh Scouts, priority was given to those who had the most English proficiency. As I guess I’m good in English and also I achieved the highest award of scouts the "President's Scout Award" given by the honourable President of Bangladesh and highest award of cub scouts the " Shapla Cub Award", it wasn't very hard for me to get selected as one of the lucky members of Bangladesh contingent.

But many of the selected members didn't get visas from the USA but I had a visa from other countries so it was a bit easier for me to get a visa from the USA. Scouts from all over the world came to join the world scout jamboree and now I have friends all over the world. The experience was extra special for me because I am the only scout from South Asia to get featured on the official Instagram page of 24th world scout jamboree. I tried to use every bit of the time I spent there useful as much I can and learn as much as I can.

Israt attended 24th International Scout Jamboree


Do you have any plan to do something new in the future?

I have plans to go abroad for my higher education. This would be a new experience for me as I've never studied in any other countries. I look forward to continuing my social works in the future as well.

What do you like to do in your pastime?

I have almost no past time. I'm always busy doing something. So, if I get any past time I get some sleep or some rest, sometimes playing video games, going out with friends, hanging out with them, that's it.

What was the most happy moment in your life?

There are many such incidents in life that brought me a massive amount of happiness, I can't give any of them less importance but I can tell you one of the recent experiences of mine where I became very much happy. I am a proud parliament member of Bangladesh generation parliament, which is similar to the real parliament but the parliament members are children, UNICEF is behind this amazing idea. The first national assembly of generation parliament was held in January, this year. I became the best parliament member declared by the honourable deputy speaker of Bangladesh. That made me very much happy.

After 10 years where do you want to see yourself?

After 10 years from now I want to see myself working in the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. I visited NYC last year but I didn't see the UN headquarters because I promised myself I'd enter the gates of that building as an employee or a guest one day.  I won't stand outside the gates and take pictures until I can enter those gates. This is one of those goals of mine that I want to achieve.

In your journey who were always beside you and whom you want to say thanks the most?

I'd like to thank my family for being so supportive and caring. My mother always stayed with me and took me everywhere, she gave me the most priority, I have a blessing in the form of my mother, my father taught me how to recite poems, he taught me how to do research before hosting a program,  even now when I go on stage I take suggestions from my father about what should I study before going on stage, my sister is the most special human in my life who just constantly holds my back always, I know if the whole world goes against me, she'll still be right beside me . Thanks to my family for pushing me to my limit, always giving me courage and hope to stand up for myself. Thanks to Ridwanul Arefin Arnob bhaiya, I don't have a brother of my own but I have him, he is a part of my family and a very important part of my life. Whenever I have difficulties for taking any decisions or whenever I'm going through a really bad time , he's there for me, he helps me to become the best version of myself. Also I want to thank the Cambrian education group, because this institution gave me the platform to shine. I learned how to see dreams beyond my capabilities and how to become capable of fulfilling those dreams. I'll always be grateful to them.

So, In series #30days30souls you are one of those 30 people. How do feel to take part in this?

I'm honored to be a part of this. Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I'm very glad to share my thoughts and story to you.

And also, there are 29 more people like you who are passionate about their work and doing great for the world. Do you want to give any message to them?

I'm sure all of them are very special and talented. All I want to say is "You know what you are. So don't let the opinion of other people pull you back. Take what's good and move forward. Keep going, you have a long way to go”.

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