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Lyricz Group Founder Alimul Islam Unveils Nextoxy

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Published: 10:31, 14 August 2023   Update: 19:13, 16 August 2023
Lyricz Group Founder Alimul Islam Unveils Nextoxy

Alimul Islam a distinguished entrepreneur based in Kushtia, has set the stage for technological transformation in Bangladesh by launching his tech startup, Nextoxy. Fuelled by an unwavering enthusiasm for technology, Alimul is determined to enhance productivity across various sectors within the country.

Lyricz Group, under Alimul Islam's visionary leadership, has witnessed remarkable success with ventures spanning import-export, software development, and automobile manufacturing. The brands Lyricz Import and Export, Lyticz Motors, and Lyricz Software have all flourished under his guidance.

The inauguration of Nextoxy is merely a stepping-stone as Alimul Islam divulged his plans for future expansion and diversification. The company's core values emphasize value creation for employees, stakeholders, and customers while contributing to the socio-economic upliftment of the regions it operates.

Alimul Islam's journey into entrepreneurship was triggered by his diploma from Maloshia after completing his SSC in 2008. He continues to augment his knowledge through online courses, paving the way for his pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Experts are optimistic about the impact of Alimul Islam's initiatives on the country's programs and management, bolstered by the potential of technology. Noteworthy is his proposed educational initiative at Sheikh Hasina University, which aims to leverage technology for student benefit.

Alimul Islam's latest venture holds the promise of a technologically advanced Bangladesh, marking a significant milestone in the nation's progress.