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Atiqur Rahaman: Driving Force of Community Growth

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Published: 13:49, 19 August 2023   Update: 17:47, 19 August 2023
Atiqur Rahaman: Driving Force of Community Growth

Meet Atiqur Rahaman, a standout Product Designer from Bangladesh, whose journey reflects a tireless passion for creativity and community. With seven enriching years in the design realm, Rahaman is a force to reckon with.

From 40+ products spanning across 20 industries, Rahaman's expertise is a mosaic of innovation. Currently steering a remote design team as a User Experience Lead in an Amsterdam-based company, he crafts triumphs in business and user delight.

Rahaman's influence transcends his professional domain. His YouTube and Podcast series, "UX Talks with Atiq," has magnetized nearly 7.8K subscribers in a year. Through insightful wisdom, career counsel, and practical tips, he counters the haze of misinformation shrouding budding designers.

Going beyond digital confines, Rahaman fosters collaboration via Facebook, LinkedIn, and pages galore. His vision is an altruistic community, where knowledge flows seamlessly, eclipsing conventional norms.

Last year's brainchild, "Design Monks," Rahaman's remote design agency, is a testament to his ethos. Serving both local and global arenas, it thrives on a foundation of employee well-being and a vibrant work culture.

Rahaman's journey sprouted from the literary garden, co-authoring "গল্পদ্য" (Golpodyo) during university days. His tech savvy came alive with "Life+," an app linking blood donors—an impactful solution for urgent needs.

Steering Design Monks toward global eminence is Rahaman's aspiration. His legacy—paved with knowledge-sharing, ingenious solutions, and nurturing communal spirit—continues to mold Bangladesh's creative landscape.