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Noman`s BD Best Ever Food crosses 1 million

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Published: 18:56, 26 August 2023   Update: 16:33, 29 August 2023
Noman`s BD Best Ever Food crosses 1 million

Abdullah Al Noman's house is in Dapunia Government Pond Area of ​​Mymensingh Sadar. He is the youngest among six siblings. He lost his father 20 years ago when he was young. Mother somehow supported the family with father's pension money. Noman is continuing his studies with the efforts of his mother. Now he is studying Fazil at Katlasen Kaderia Kamil Madrasa.

In 2020, Noman was confined to his house like everyone else during the Corona virus. Then thought of doing something online to earn from home. He was inspired by the millions of views on a Korean man's eating video. After watching the video, he also started eating as a hobby. Once, Noman started a YouTube channel called BD ''Best Ever Food'' and started uploading videos of himself eating there along with his Facebook page.

The beginning of the journey was not smooth for Noman. In the beginning, many people had to listen to comments about making videos while eating and drinking. Many called him crazy. But he did not stop. But after uploading more than 50 videos one by one, Noman got frustrated as those videos did not get the desired views. He wanted to leave all this in anger. But by that time he had spent about half a lakh rupees on food. He insisted again. He will leave after seeing the end of it. Suddenly a video goes viral. After that, he did not have to look back. Now every video of him goes viral on Facebook and YouTube.

Noman's page called 'BD Best Ever Food' can be seen, sometimes three desi chickens, khasir nalli, desi chin duck roast with rice and chatter. Again, with 100 quail eggs and whole country chicken, they had fun eating rice with khasi run. Sometimes, he ate a plate full of jhal kacha chili and cleared it in an instant. Netizens get a lot of fun watching these videos. Funny comments come in those videos. And this is how Noman's condition has changed in one year. Unemployed Noman is now self-reliant. Earning dollars at home.

Noman's success is behind a lot of hard work. In this regard, he said, whoever achieves any success, there must be a story of hardship behind it. Many will think that eat and earn. But it is the most difficult. You have to eat so much food. Then you have to think about what to eat next, how to decorate. Cooking is also to be seen. It is also necessary to see if it is being cooked properly. to market. Edit at the end of the video. In other words, you have to spend a lot of time behind a video, you have to work hard. Allah knows how much I have suffered to come this far. I have come this far through many hardships.