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What to eat to help protect yourself from coronavirus

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Published: 11:37, 9 March 2020   Update: 20:26, 26 July 2020
What to eat to help protect yourself from coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreak sweeps across the globe, people are stockpiling disinfectant, preparing to self-isolate and cancelling their travel plans to affected countries.

And while there is no one way to avoid infection entirely, strengthening your immune system with particular food ingredients can go a long way to reduce your risk of contamination.

Nutritionists and health professionals have shared how antioxidant-rich live bacteria supplements, garlic, eggs and turmeric can help boost your health fast.


Antioxidant-rich foods including berries, garlic and onion are essential for building up the immune system, which fights off viruses, nutritionist Lee Holmes wrote in a blog post.

They contain Vitamins C, B and E which help reduce the risk of disease and help fight off infections.

According to Lee, antioxidant-rich foods, which also include eggplants, pumpkins and carrots, should be eaten at least once a day.


`Now that we`ve fought off oxidative damage, it`s time to look at controlling inflammation,` Lee said.

`Consuming anti-inflammatory rich foods is essential when it comes to the immune system. To ensure you`re eating enough anti-inflammatory rich foods, up your intake of vegetables and fruits.`

Eating at least five vegetables each day can help fight inflammation and ingredients such as turmeric have additional benefits.

`One of my favourite anti-inflammatory ingredients is turmeric. I add it to everything. Seriously. The compound in turmeric known as curcumin holds a plethora of benefits,` Lee said.