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Dhaka     Thursday   28 October 2021

Cleaner hits rickshaw-puller, fracturing skull as he wears no mask

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Published: 17:04, 15 September 2021   Update: 17:04, 15 September 2021
Cleaner hits rickshaw-puller, fracturing skull as he wears no mask

Wounded rickshaw-puller Sahanur Rahman

A cleaner allegedly hit a rickshaw-puller, fracturing his skull as he tried to enter hospital without wearing mask.

The incident took place at Phulbari Upazila Health Complex in Kurigram on Wednesday (September 15).

The cleaner was known as Anjan Chandra Das while the victim was identified as Sahanur Rahman.

As a sequel to that, victim’s relatives and excited people present there blocked the main gate of the hospital, putting people who came to get vaccinated in immense sufferings.

According to victim’s relatives, Sahanur Rahman took a woman passenger, who was scheduled to get vaccinated, by his rickshaw to the hospital on Wednesday morning. Cleaner Anjan Das stopped the rickshaw when he reached the main gate. He told Sahanur to wear a mask before entering the hospital premises. As he had no mask, Anjan asked him to leave the passenger there and went back. At one stage, they both locked into altercation. Then, cleaner Anjan suddenly took a tree bough and hit on Sahanur’s head, leaving his skull fractured.

People who arrived in the hospital for health service rescued him and admitted there.

Taslima Nasrin, medical officer of the hospital, said, “An altercation took place at the main gate of the hospital over wearing mask issue. Rickshaw-puller Sahanur got injury on his head. He was admitted to the hospital and stitched the wound.”