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Dhaka     Friday   20 May 2022

Nature shows her impeccable beauty when autumn arrives

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Published: 10:21, 17 August 2021   Update: 11:15, 17 August 2021
Nature shows her impeccable beauty when autumn arrives

Catkin, one of the great symbols of Autumn, blooms widely around the country

Bangladesh is the beloved playground of nature. Nature has adorned this ground with six seasons. The impeccable beauty of nature is featured in each season. Autumn is one of the six seasons when nature shows her impeccable beauty.

According to Bengali calendar, yesterday was the first day of the month of Bhadra. Autumn started yesterday. Bhadra and ‘Aswin’ are the months of autumn. During this season, white clouds are seen floating in a blue sky. A large number of fragrant flowers blossom: Shiuli, Roses, Bakul, Mallika, Kamini and Madhabi. The lotus grows in the wetlands and Kash flower (catkin) on the riverfronts. The principal cash crop of Bangladesh ‘Jute’ is harvested and prepared for sale in this season. The season also has its own flattery decoration. This is also the time when the palmyra ripens.

There have been some more photos below that represent autumn:

Water lilies found abundantly during this period which is a great source of joy for children

A happy moment of adolescent girls with Catkin flowers

A bloomed red water lily in a wetland

White clouds floating in a blue sky

A plenty of Hyacinth flowers blooms in this season

A child passes happy moment with Hyacinth flowers at its hands

Night queen flower also blooms in Autumn

Greenly paddy field charms everybody