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IWPG hosts an event for achieving peace education

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Published: 20:39, 16 March 2022  
IWPG hosts an event for achieving peace education

The International Women's Peace Group (IWPG, Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon) hosted a parallel event during the 66th UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

The event was held under the theme of, “presenting active peaceful actions and roles of women who contribute to overcoming environmental and disaster risks and strengthening women’s capabilities.” It presented a plan to achieve the goal of peace education, addressing the fourth Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and provided information on women's peace education to strengthen women's empowerment.

Na Hyeong Jeon, the Secretary General of IWPG, said, “Let’s join forces to lead women in the direction of change to sustainable peace so that we and our children are not driven into war and conflict. The IWPG establishes right values through peace education, and since it is difficult to effectively sanction war under current international law, the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) should be established as a new international law.”

Nadia Hashem Aloul, former State Minister of Women's Affairs from Jordan, said, "Peace education is a primary pillar and is important in constructing bridges of dialogue between oneself and others, between different groups, societies, countries, and helps to accept diversities."

As one of the objectives of the IWPG Peace Committee of North Macedonia, Professor Lindita Ademi of the University of Tetovo, said, “another urgent objective is for us to continue to speak out for peace because it is the only way we can demonstrate the power of women, our will, our capacity, our skill, and our resilience in planting peace generation after generation.”

In addition, Maha Alsakban, Founder and Director of Iraq Center for Women’s Rights, and Kimberley Kleczka, Founder of Koolamundo from England, spoke on conflicts and wars worldwide, the scale of damage caused by environmental disasters, examples of women's dedication and effort to overcome environmental disasters, the necessity of peace education and the vision that peace education can provide and women's efforts and roles to achieve sustainable peace.

As an NGO in special consultative status with UN ECOSOC, IWPG plans to co-host a side event with the Ministry of Women, Family and Gender of Cote d'Ivoire on March 17th in addition to this parallel event. From March 14th to 25th, the 'Virtual Forum' will be held for about two weeks, and it is expected to be a platform of interaction with many women around the world.
You can visit the IWPG booth through the link below.