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UN should play effective role

A K Azad : risingbd.com
Publish on: 2017-09-13 2:26:19 PM     ||     Updated: 2017-09-13 2:27:24 PM

The brutal oppression continues on Rohingya Muslims in Maynmar. The country's military is continuously killing them, burning their houses and then finally forcing them to flee their homeland.

A matter of deep concern is that extremist Buddhists are also joining militaries in the savagery. More than one thousand people were killed in Rakhaine, according to especial ambassador of UN human rights.

The real scenario is much more terrible if the statements given by the Rohingya people fled to Bangladesh are found true.

A number of Rohingyas in groups are entering Bangladesh every day to save their lives. Many of them are also embracing deaths while crossing Naf River which has separated the two countries.

Nearly four lakh of Rohingyas took shelter at different places including Kutupalong of Cox's Bazaar since August 25 when Myanmar army started the crackdown.

The UN human rights commissioner Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein said at the 36th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva of Switzerland that Rohingya oppression in Myanmar seems a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.

It is obviously a job of mass killing and ethnic cleansing which is being criticized in Bangladesh and international arena too.

In a press release on last Tuesday, the US state department also urged Maynmar to stop the barbarous crackdown against the Rohingyas.

In the Summit of Science and Technology in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, on 10th September, The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) also expressed grave concern over the recent systematic brutal acts perpetrated by security forces against the Rohingya Muslim Community in Myanmar.

But Noble laureate on peace Aung San Suu Kyi or military officials of the country are paying their heeds to the calls. They are continuously telling lies standing on bodies in row.

Maynmar authorities claimed that Rohingyas themselves are setting fire on their houses. On the contrary, UN human rights commissioner said they have evidences of satellite images of firing on Rohingyas, torturing them and setting fire on their houses committed by the Myanmar government.

BBC's South East Asia correspondent Jonathan Head said he himself witnessed that Buddhists were setting fire on Rohingyas' houses in presence of Myanmar police.

In fact, Myanmar authorizes have been playing with the fates of Rohingya for nearl four decades and Bangladesh are suffering from its impacts badly. Though Bangladesh is facing a lot of problems to provide shelters for a huge number of Rohingyas, the authority remains silence on humanitarian ground. But, if the problems continue for further long period, the country (Bangladesh) will have to fall in difficulties. So, resolving the crisis has been most important for Bangladesh.

In this case, The United Nations should play a proper and effective role. Myanmar will have to be forced to stop killing and torture the Rohingya people and to return them who already fled to Bangladesh.

However, we should also be active to highlight the issue in the international arena against the crisis. Bangladesh should move with diplomatic measures to take former UN Secretary Kofi Annan's resolution into effect that recommended for citizenship and securities for the Rohingyas.

After all, Bangladesh should play more important steps so that Myanmar authorities receive their Rohingya people with assurance of their securities and citizenship.

risingbd/Dhaka/September 13, 2017/Ali Nowsher/A K Azad