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Harassment in online shopping

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Published: 18:29, 29 November 2020   Update: 19:27, 29 November 2020
Harassment in online shopping

A good number of people are relied on online shopping due to their pressure of jobs, business, or family issues. Besides, many persons are trying to rely on online platforms to avoid coronavirus infection.

The online purchase list includes – rice, pulse, oil, salt, books, clothes, furniture, shoe, ornaments, fishes, fruits, sweets, readymade foods and so on. But, nowadays buyers are complaining that they are being cheated through online shopping.

Most of buyers’ complaint that – the products are not sent timely and the online items are found below standard. Even, buyers received totally different items in lieu of shown products.

Some organizations have sent allegedly rotten, damaged, or torn items in their customers through online purchases. Complaints regarding goods size and quantity issues are also common.

Chattogram polytechnic institute teacher Mainul H Sirazi told risingbd, “Purchasing goods without noticing means a possibility of cheating. I have faced a bitter experience buying goods through online. I was cheated four times. I think scrutinizing is needed in this regard.”

Similarly, expressing anger, NGO officer Farhana Ruma said, “Online shopping is an advantage. But, most of the online shops could not achieve trust of buyers.”

In reply, Mohammad Rasel, Managing Director and CEO of Evaly said, five percent complaint in e-commerce is acceptable globally. Even, organization like Alibaba face complaints. Zero level complaint is not possible. There are some Bangladeshi companies who take the issues seriously. But, Facebook-base some institutions doesn’t care about the matter.

The Evaly CEO said, there are no complaints about the quality of our products. But, it’s true that we can’t deliver our products in time due to many reasons.

Following the issue, Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection Deputy Director Atia Sultana, assistant directors Shahnaz Sultana said, institutional notice is served if any complaint found in this regard.

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