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Dhaka     Sunday   29 January 2023

Rajshahi commuters fall in extreme sufferings

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Published: 18:55, 2 December 2022   Update: 21:46, 2 December 2022

People have been suffering due to bus strike in Rajshahi division for two days. With this, the CNG auto-rickshaw and three wheeler strike has also launched, falling people in extreme suffering. Local people have to suffer extreme hardships to reach different destinations due to urgent needs.

The bus strike has been going on in Rajshahi division for various demands since last Wednesday. The CNG auto-rickshaw and three-wheeler strike has also started from noon on Friday (December 2).

According to the general public, the transport strike will continue until the BNP rally ends in Rajshahi on Saturday (December 3).

Talked with Sohel Chowdhury, a technical officer of a private company at the city’s Shiroil Dhaka bus stand on Friday morning, he said, “My company provides medical equipment to various hospitals and clinics. I was called urgently due to an equipment problem in Rajshahi’s private Amana Hospital. I came to Rajshahi sitting on the front seat of the truck at night. After finishing work, it’s time to go back. But as the public transport is suspended, I cannot understand how to return.”

Going to the microbus stand in Sagarpara area of the city, it was seen 7-8 passengers are trying to rent a car together. One of them is Aminul Haque.

He said, “I thought that BRTC buses will run even if the normal buses are suspended. So I went to the BRTC counter. But BRTC buses are also closed.”

He also raised the question why BRTC buses are suspended.

In charge of BRTC counter Nazrul Islam said, “There is no security of the vehicle during the strike. If our vehicle is vandalised on the road, who will take responsibility? Government resources cannot be allowed to waste. That is why the vehicle currently remains suspended.”

Saiful Islam, a resident of Mohanpur’s Kesharhat, said, “In the morning, I came to the city by CNG auto-rickshaw for urgent needs. On my way back after work in the afternoon, I came to know that the CNG strike started. Now I am in trouble about going home.”

Ahsan Habib, Vice President of Rajshahi District Mishuk-CNG Owners Association, said, “We have started the strike on two-point demand. The two demands are that the bus owners stop obstructing us on the road and to stop harassing BRTA. The strike will continue until the demand is met.”

Safqat Manzur, President of the Divisional Transport Owners Association, said, “It has been two days that we are on strike for the 11-point demand. The administration did not discuss our demands. If the Divisional Commissioner sits with us now and accepts the demand, then we will call off the strike immediately. Our strike will continue until the demands are met.”

Shirin Sultana/AKA