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Dhaka     Tuesday   26 October 2021

Over 80 pc students attended on the first day

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Published: 21:47, 12 September 2021   Update: 22:01, 12 September 2021
Over 80 pc students attended on the first day

Educational institutions have been reopened after 17 months of confinement at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. On the first day, over 80 percent of students attended in their classroom, said the Monitoring and Evaluation Wing of Education Ministry.

The Monitoring and Evaluation wing is working to monitor 19,000 approved public and private educational institutions across the country.

Professor Amir Hossain, director of the Monitoring and Evaluation wing said, 19,000 approved schools and colleges across the country are sending their information daily. Directions have been provided to send that information within 3 pm every day by email. According to that, over 80 pc students attended on the first day.

He also said that more students attended class on the first day than we expected. Those who were absent on the first day, if they remain absent three days absent consequently then teachers were directed to contact their guardians.